Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I Cry for the Forest

I cry for the forest
I cry for a land far away
I know not its tombs nor its tulips
Nor the light that touches at break of day
But I cry
I cry for this forest

I see the loggerman swinging
I watch him swagger and swear
No harm in a tree a falling
No damage
And for the climate there is no care
And I cry
I cry for the forest

And, if I cry for a forest, I cry for a world
I cry for the skies so blue
Heavy weights are locking chemicals in
As we become a cooking stew

So, I cry
I cry for a forest
And I cry for a world
And a world that will not hear
Rain falls on a brow that wipes it off
And he swings another timber to clear

Like the thud of a great tree as it hits the ground
Where there is no one to listen
In a world where there are no ears
My tears can only glisten

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