Friday, May 27, 2016

De-Activate the Driver's License When Drinks are Poured

  How about using electronic driver's licenses as the keys for our cars? If your car was not registered, or you didn't have insurance, or your license expired, the car would not start.
   Oh, and if you were in a bar in the last few hours, the car wouldn't start then, either, for every time you visited the bar, as you purchased a drink, they would scan the information onto your license.
   This is not an original idea, but comes from a friend of mine. I like it. I especially like the part about de-activating the driver's license when you purchase alcohol at a bar. Impaired driving is credited with causing one-third of our traffic fatalities. I don't know what share of that comes after exiting bars, but obviously a fair portion.
   I wonder, if this were done on a state level, how expensive it would be to have cars fitted with such keying mechanisms. Could we required auto dealers to install the keying, or would that be too expensive? I'm hoping the changes could be made for under $100 and do not think that too expensive.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Age of Teleportation Might be but a Magnet Away

    Teleportation. Is it possible? I started wondering a week ago, and wondered much today. My theory is this: There is no resistance in space (although I might be wrong), so speed should be unlimited if the force dictates arriving at the destination immediately.
   And, magnetic attraction might provide that.
   Place a small piece of metal in front of a magnet, and watch it snap to the magnet, this in an environment where air provides resistance. My theory goes, that if a magnet can be made strong enough, it will demand that the object be there all but immediately.
   This is a theory that could be tested, and I have heard of no such test. So, I wonder if what I am suggesting is new. It seems there would at least be tests determining what can be done with permanent magnets, as far as transportation, if someone already had arrived at this theory. In discussing this with someone I ran into who has invention aspirations using electromagnetic energy, Jake Lewis, I was told this would not be new, that Nikola Tesla already conceived it.
   Dang. And I wanted to be the discoverer.
   Still, I wonder, because, as I said, it seems we should have heard about testing.
   Now, initially, you would have to transport in vacuum tunnels, in order to keep the vacuum separated from the air. However, it seems we would eventually find a way to keep the air separated out without having to have a physical divider. When I mentioned this to a friend at the gym, Bennion Spencer, he suggested a magnetic field, dividing the air from the vacuum.
  So, you would have a column, a shaft, a pillar of vacuum to travel through. In discussing my thoughts with Bennion, I used the word, "conduit." Then, it occurred to me, Joseph Smith used that  term in describing a visit from a heavenly being: "When, instantly I saw, as it were, a conduit open right up into heaven."
   Anyway, I have stated my theory and will restate it: If a vacuum conduit can be created for the person or vehicle to travel through, we might be able to achieve a state of no resistance. If there is no resistance, then you might be able to achieve unlimited speed. Current objects in space are largely slung on their way by gravitational forces. The man-made things we have in space have been thrust to their speeds. Those forces are limited in how much speed they provide. But, if you have a magnetic force attracting the object, it might be able to produce unlimited speed, if the magnetic power is strong enough. Unlike being thrust, where the speed achieved cannot exceed that thrust, magnetic forces might have no such limits. The pull is such that it is as if saying, "I am here at this point, and I would have you also be here this very moment."
   If there is anything at all to my theory, it remains that a magnet must be created that is strong enough to make this happen. Maybe that isn't possible.

Someone Wants a Photocopy, so We Call in a Lawyer?

  Wish I could have been at the UTA meeting Wednesday when UTA announced it was upping the fee for getting documents from $5 to $15. Within the last couple weeks, UTA annnounced it was closing a meeting to the public. Then, yesterday, I believe it was, UTA said it was reversing that and the meetings would again be open.
   Then, in the space of about a day, this.
   Wish I could have been there. It is amazing to me that they should do this. The news story says lawyers are involved in the records requests. I wonder if that is necessary. Someone wants a photocopy, so we call in a lawyer? My thought is: Just run over to copy machine and make a copy and be done with it. That's not $15 of work. In discussing this with someone, they reminded me liability is involved. Forgive, but I still say just copy the document and give it to the person without calling in a lawyer or doing any prep work. These should be public records, not records that need to be sanitized before the public can see them.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Let Mono-Mono Magnetic Vacuum Travel Whisk You Across the State

   Whisk across Utah in the blink of an eye (well, maybe not that fast, but still incredibly quick). As you pull up to the border, your car is fitted into a pod, slipped onto a monorail, and sent sailing through a vacuumed tunnel the length of the state.
   Utah could build such a futuristic transportation system.
   Let me tell you why it should. Technology is such that we could switch from carbon-powered transportation to something else, if only we would. Unfortunately, the momentum of society is stuck on carbon. The principle of momentum applies here, so we continue down the road we are on.
  But, if a system such as this were cast before our eyes -- on display in all its glory and available each time someone pulled up to the Utah border -- the excitement of changing to other forms of fuel would sweep the nation in no time.
  Cover the tunnel with solar panels. Collect the energy, and funnel it into the tunnel. I will be frank: Though I would have the cars powered electromagnetically, I do not know much about the creation of electromagnetic power. If the solar panels would provide it, use them.
   Maybe call it mono-mono magnetic vacuum travel, the two monos referring to monorail and mono vehicle, meaning one car at a time, as opposed to being  mass transit.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What if We Could Vote for None of the Above?

   A friend came up with a good proposal. If I thought he wouldn't mind mentioning him by name, I'd give him credit, for I like giving credit when ideas aren't my own.
   On the ballot, have the option of voting for none of the above.
   As much as ever, such an option would give voice to many of us this election year. Instead of searching for an alternative candidate, we could simply express our discontent by voting against all of the candidates.
   Such a vote would be meaningful. Hmm, and I wonder how we would transfer the votes to the Electoral College. If they were committed to voting for none of the candidates, that would make it possible that no one would be elected president, at least not by the Electoral College. The vote would then go to the House. I wish they, too, would be committed to voting for none of the above, but no such luck.
   But, just for fun, what would happen if no majority could be obtained when the House voted, nor when it went to the Senate? Now what would we do then? Put in the speaker of the House? Paul Ryan? I like that.

Buyer's Remorse: There Ought to be a Way to Shed the Candidate

   Trump appeal seems to be swelling, not diminishing. Still, it seems there should be a way to shed a candidate if you reach a point of buyer's remorse before the election.
  As in: No. We've changed our mind, We don't want this guy for our candidate.
   If a person is an office-holder, often there are ways of impeaching him. We need a way to impeach our candidates, as well.
   Now, since the primaries are being used to nominate the candidate, it makes sense to call an emergency election to renounce him as your candidate, all states voting the same day. Then, the question becomes one of mechanics: Do you have a vote of no confidence, first, with only your current nominee on the ballot, and follow a week later with all the candidates poured back onto the ballot?
   However you do it, I suppose I like the idea of being able to give your second thoughts a route of action. I like there being of standing him up, of leaving your fiance at the alter, so to speak. If you're shuttering at the thought of electing someone, if you can see it isn't going to be a good thing, if you fear the nation is going to crash if he is elected, you ought to be able to divert course and save the ship.

Are We Comfortable with this in Our President?

   "I get the news I need on the weather report.
   "I can gather all the news I need on the weather report."
   --- Simon and Garfunkel song, "The Only Living Boy in New York"

   Are we comfortable electing as president someone who gets some of the news he needs from the National Enquirer? It has been scarcely weeks since Donald Trump parroted a National Enquirer story, discussing Ted Cruz's father-in-law being with Lee Harvey Oswald not long before the Kennedy assassination, indicating he might have been involved in the murder.
   Now, we have Trump bringing up the possibility the Clintons were involved in the death of former Clinton staffer Vince Foster, which is another story out of the pages of the National Enquirer.
   "I get the news I need on the weather report."
   I wonder at all this. Is this character assassination at its worst, trying to tie your political opponents to murders? On the other hand, if the accusations are true, they should be things we discuss.
   So, we find ourselves wondering if we must become learned in the Enquirer articles just to better determine whether Donald Trump is justified in what he says.
   And, Trump lives on. His campaign continues to flourish. He is news more than anyone else is news. From New York, he is, in a manner of speaking, the only living boy in New York.