Monday, January 26, 2015

Rather than answer my questions about evolution tonight, those I tried to reason with on Facebook called me names, assasinated my character, and derided my religion.

Further Exporations into Yesterday's Evolution Question

   Ahh, yes, there is some answer to the question I laid out yesterday. Man lost his hairy covering because he came out of Africa, where it was so warm, no covering was needed. That's an answer, but I'm not sure it does the trick. For, at some stage, man spread to other parts of the earth, colder places. Why is it that at least some of those new climes did not prompt him to adapt again, regrow the hair? For these places were cold, and if adaptation was to be had, this is what was needed.
   Was it that he had already started wearing clothes? And took them with him to the new climates. What got him started wearing the clothes, then? If he lost his covering because he didn't need it, why would he start wearing clothes while still in an environment that didn't require it? Did he become concerned about his morals, and not want to be naked? Perhaps that might work as an answer. (If so, what an irony, for religion would be causing evolution. Such a thought.) Or, did he assume the clothes when he started moving to the new, colder locations? When I go outside on a cold winter day today, even dressed as warm as I can, I still get cold. I do doubt that back then, the primate was dressing warm enough that adapting to the environment would not have meant getting a hairy covering -- or a covering of some kind.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Did an Ape-Like Being Once Start Wearing Shoes and Clothes?

   One weakness in the evolution theory is that while one of its premises is that the species adapts to its environment, it appears mankind went the opposite direction in at least two ways. Why is it that man never developed harder feet, that he doesn't need shoes? And, why is it that he didn't develop a furry covering, that he should not need clothes to keep him warm?
   The evolutionist replies that the species started wearing shoes, and started wearing clothes, so it adapted to the shoes and clothes by developing softer feet and losing the hair. Perhaps that is it, then. Still, it remains that man evolved away from what the environment required, not towards it. Evolution suggests man came from a being that had harder feet and had a hairy covering, things that helped him cope with his environment. One has to ask, if his feet were hard enough, and his hairy covering good enough, why did he start wearing shoes and clothes in the first place?
   And, are evolutionists really suggesting that a being once looking like an ape started wearing shoes and clothes? Picture that in your mind -- an ape-like creature donning shoes and clothes -- and then tell
 me whether some things just do not make sense.
   The evolution of man might, indeed, have happened. I do not know. But, I know there are weaknesses in the theory that man evolved in the manner they suggest.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hmm. Speaking of fashion, my memes tonight are not coming out well-fashioned.

Power to the People: Yemenis Stand Up to Terrorists

   Power to the people. I half think more people just voted in Yemen than ever voted in the United States. Well, I exaggerate, greatly. Still, an estimate 20,000 marching in the streets of Samaa, the nation's capital, is no small number. And, it is reported that tens of thousands also marched in the cities of Taiz, Ibb and Dhamar.
   They're wanting their president to be returned to power. And, they're just thumbing their noses at the Houthi terrorist group threatening to take over. Some say the Houthi is al-Qaida's most dangerous offshoot. So, to take the streets in opposition to it seems a brave gesture of democratic outcry.
   Voting is little more than adding your voice to others in an expression for a candidate. Sometimes, the ballot box isn't available, so you vote in a different fashion. Houthi had forced Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to resign from the presidency. Mounting the protest is the Yemenis way of voting him back in. I hope it works.