Monday, July 28, 2014

The Immigrant is as the Child

   They are the unwanted children of society, the immigrants, and we would do well learning from our experience in raising children what happens when you have a child who is unwanted.
   I speak of the adult undocumented immigrants. They are as if unwanted children. They are the unwanted children of our society. I ask you, though, what happens to a child who is unwanted? If you ignore a child and do not nurture him, he is more likely to go wayward.
   So it is, perhaps, with all humans, whether they be children or adults. If we ignore them, if we shun them off, if we do not nurture them, they are more likely to go astray.
   Society is the parent of its members. So, what if society rejects one of its members? Now, it certainly has rejected the undocumented immigrant. So, should we be surprised to see some negative outcomes?
   I came to this thought while reflecting on the news article that reported immigrants who came illegally in the 80s to places such as Los Angeles learned the ways of gangs, and, when they were deported back carried the ways of the gangs with them back to their own Central American countries. I wondered at the part of how they fell in with gangs when they came here.
   Perhaps in this there is a lesson, I thought, and it was then I thought of how if you reject and neglect the child and do not nurture him, he is more likely to go astray. I would guess this is not just a trait of children, but a trait of all humans. If we can see this is a true principle, can we expect anything less to happen? More of the undocumented are likely to have negative outcomes.

    Sunday, July 27, 2014

    Are The Gangs the Child Immigrants Flee From of Our Own Making?

        Did we teach them violence, then send them home? In the 1980s, did immigrants come from Central America, learn the ways of our gangs, then get deported in the 1990s, taking with them the gang culture they learned here and infecting their home countries with it?
       And, are the gangs the children are now fleeing from the very ones we exported to Central America?
       So suggests an Associated Press article published in the online Deseret News July 24.

    This Prevents Person Who Leads from being Person Who Serves

       Our perception of people limits our ability to treat them right. Few times do we help a person if we do not feel he is worthy of our help. So, then, it becomes every person who is in position to help others to judge righteously, to not wrongfully judge.
       If he doe judge rashly, the person who rules will never be the person who serves. It is good to have leaders who serve, and those are the true leaders, indeed. But, if they allow themselves to become fault-finders, they will not measure up to being leader/servants.

    Saturday, July 26, 2014

    What Kind of Government Endangers Civilians to Protect Itself?

      Some note all the Gaza civilians being killed, and the missiles hitting such places as hospitals and beaches and homes. Hamas positions themselves in these places on purpose, so when they are attacked, there will be an outpouring of anger against civilians being killed. What kind of a government would purposely endanger its citizenry to protect itself? What kind of government would, in all real essence, force its people to the battle front in order to gain sympathy that civilians lives are being taken?

    The Reign of the Dollar Might be at an End -- at a $17.5 Trillion Expense

       Tonight, I am listening in on a video speaking of how the U.S. dollar is about to lose its status as the world's reserve currency.
       Don't be cool with that. Don't think it no big deal. The video argues that a debt default would be inevitable for the U.S. if we did not have the ability to print money. As the world's reserve currency, we can cover our debts simply by printing money. But, if the international market quits accepting our dollars, we will no longer be able to simply cover those debts to them by printing our own dollar bills. If they start saying, "No, I don't want a dollar bill. You must pay in gold," we are in trouble.
        And, the video points out that that is already beginning to happen. It lists some of the places where the dollar is no longer the exchange currency.
        Will that $17.5 trillion debt soon be tumbling down upon us? We have propped it up by printing money. But, if we are no longer able to do that . . .

    Friday, July 25, 2014

    We are Turning Away the Ill-Clothed, the Hungry, the Strangers

       Come judgement day, what if we are asked why we turned away the naked, the hungry, the thirsty and the strangers? (See Matthew 25.) And, we might reply by asking when was it that we turned away those so needy.
       The answer might come, "July 2014, at the border of Mexico."
       "Yes, I remember them," we will say. "I remember that. But, those people did not have the necessary paperwork for me to be helping them. I only turned them away for lack of paperwork."
       While we are down on earth, it might seem like a good reason not to let them. But, once we leave this earth for the heavens, it might not pan our as a good answer. Many of those coming across the border are needy, and that is the reason many of them come. Maybe not all, but many. If we turn them away, why does not Matthew 25 apply? We are turning away the ill-clothed, the hungry, the strangers.

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    The Story of Isa Ramoul

       I shall call him Isa, Isa Ramoul, the poorest of the poor in Mexico. As a birthday present to himself, when he turned 23, he headed north, thinking to find a job and a living in a land he honored and revered.
       Hadn't he heard you need to get permission to come to America? Check. He had. But, he had also heard that even without paperwork, you could stay. It would take a long time before they would catch up with you and send you home. In the meantime, he figured to be working, earning money, and sending it home to his wife and their two babies.
       If you wonder about his character, Isa was an honest type. Didn't want to join the cartels just to make a living, although joining the cartels was a certain way to make a good income. But, that was not for Isa. His mother had raised him different than that, teaching him to stay away from crime.
       So, he headed north.
        He didn't bring enough food, and barely enough water. He stumbled through the border territory without a guide, arriving on the American side of the line hungering and thirsting and a stranger to all -- and anxious to knock on a door and ask for help.
       Now, Mr. Biddle had had a lot of migrants knock his door before. They were a nuisance -- an unwanted, unwelcome, uncomely nuisance. They were all criminals and drug burros, to him. So, as you might guess, this didn't go too well.
      "Help me! Please help me," Isa pleaded as Mr. Biddle swung open the door.
       "You scum. You criminal," came the reply. "Shall I call the Border Patrol, or will you go back on your own? You heard me, go back where you belong! Get out of here! Leave me alone!"
       Isa stumbled up to another two or three doors before someone finally called the Border Patrol and had him arrested. Seems in this new country he had he had entered, they didn't think in terms of helping people out, only of kicking them out. They really weren't bad people, these Americans, but somehow they had gotten it in their heads that these immigrants coming in from Mexico were going to ruin their country. Somehow, they figured that instead of being shown charity, the immigrants needed to be taught a lesson.
       Now, that might make perfect sense to you, but it doesn't to me.