Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This Land We Love is not a Land of Love

   If we could do this, what a much greater nation we would be. What a wonderful place America would be, if, perchance, we could just remove this one fault . . .
   But, first you must have the desire to do something, or you will never do it. And, I see nary a person clamoring for the removal of this one fault. Second, you must believe you can do it, or it will never get done. And, who would seriously believe we could remove
  Let me define it for you. It is when one set of people picks at another, finding fault. It is when we hear a rumor, and buy it too quickly. It is when we create that rumor, and when we pass it along. It is when we find evil in others. (Sometimes, that might be justified, but usually, it is not.) It is when we turn friends against each other.
   He who is quick with his lips, and sharp with his tongue, and utters words to make one person think ill of another
   Is perhaps America's greatest problem child. Of all the flaws we have, being a nation given to judging, and condemning, and hating is -- to me -- our greatest.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Self-Employment Has its Benefits to Society

   If America were to increase its self employment, perhaps it would be good. Just off top, we should quickly see some of the benefits. One, If unemployed, the person doesn't need to wait for a job, but rather creates his or her own. Two, The person makes their own wage. The person is limited not by what an employer would pay him or her, but only by how much the open market allows. For those in lower paying jobs, self employment might be an avenue out. Three, Those blacklisted from many jobs (felons, for example), can step often step off that blacklist by simply cutting the cutting the disapproving employer out of the equation. A person often puts more fervor, and perhaps gains more satisfaction, from self employment. Four, If enough people were self employed, it would reduce the number of potential employees available, perhaps forcing wages up.
  Of course, there are reasons why people often do not choose self employment, primarily the stress. There is the stress of not knowing how to go about getting started. There is stress in keeping the business afloat, and there is stress in making the day-to-day decisions. There is stress is being responsible to the customer, for the customer sometimes experiences buyer's remorse, and comes back to give grief.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Train Those Who are Having Trouble Getting Jobs

   If you would stop crime before it happens, one thing you should do is get everyone in a good job. A portion of those who become criminals do so because it is the best way they have of making a living. Now, getting everyone in a good job will be a tall order, but there are a few things we can do. Tonight, I shall deal with just one.
   Train them.
   Some don't graduate. And some graduate, but still can't find a job. We need a restart button for them both. Currently, when a person is out of a job, they go to the unemployment office. That's good. But how about we also send them to vocational training centers? Train them to be welders, or whatever. Go heavy on the self-employment training, because if they are self employed, they don't have to wait for someone to give them a job. They step out of your class and open up for business and are employed. Teach them how to succeed, give them the courage to fly,and send them out into the world employed.
   So, I start this blog looking for a way to reduce crime, and end up coming up with an idea to reduce unemployment.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Every Prisoner Should have a 'Parent'

   If you want a successful prison, you should pattern it after a good home. And, that includes providing a parent, of sorts.
  Every prisoner should have a role model, a confidant, someone to look after them and correct them when they do wrong -- a person who fills the role of a parent. Every prisoner needs a person who becomes like family to them. Every prisoner needs a friend, a best friend. Just as good parents are often their children's best friends, so should be the relationship between this prison worker and the prisoner.

Friday, June 26, 2015

All of God's Children have the Same God.

   All of God's children have the same God.
   "So, do we have the same God?" I asked my Muslim friend today. And, he suggested we do. I don't know him perfectly, but know him reasonably well. He seems about as good as most any of us. I can't help comparing him to those of my faith, and, I must say, in some cases, he seems the better soul. Now, I have a tendency to want to label good people as Christians, but Christians believe Christ was the Son of God and the Savior of the World. Not so, with my Christian -- I mean, my Muslim -- friend.
   I mean no disrespect to him by calling him a Christian. It's just that I associate "Christian" with traits like loving others, caring about others, treating others right, honesty, integrity, pursuit of righteousness, integrity, fairness . . .
   I guess Christians don't have a corner on those things, though.
   I think of the Muslims who pray, what is it? Five times a day? I think of Ramadan, of how they fast every day, all day, sun up till sun down -- for a month, Such devotion. And, I want to emphasize this next part: It is not just devotion to a God, it is devotion to my God  -- our God -- for there is only one God. I think it wonderful, then, that they are so devoted to God. I think it wonderful.
   I'll see the Christian in the Muslim when he does the things of Christ. And, I'll see the devil in the Christian when he does not do the things of Christ.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Make Salt Lake City the First to Have an Interactive Tunnel

   Ahh, has this been invented yet? I don't believe so, so let's invent it and make Salt Lake City the first to have it.
   An interactive tunnel, where the electronic images of people interact with the person walking through the tunnel. He touches the wall, and various things happen. He breaks into a run, and the image breaks into a run alongside him. One of the tunnels would be a welcome tunnel, where the electronic character greets the person. The person yells, "Dog," and the image becomes a dog and says, "Hello," in the voice of a dog. He yells, "Duck," and the image becomes a duck and says, "Hello," in the voice of a duck. And so it goes, as fast as the person names an animal, the image says, "Hello," in the voice of that animal.
  The image carries on intelligent conversations with the person, asking him how his flight was, or whatever. The tunnel detects the tunnel-goers every move and mimics it, or responds to it,  At times, the electronic image changes into a likeness of the person, himself.
   You know, perhaps, that I wish we would create a welcome zone around the Salt Lake International Airport, a greeting zone heavy on entertainment and attractions. This could be one of the attractions, and, for a moment, until other cities started having them, it would be the only one in the world. You would have to come to Salt Lake City for the experience. Then, when interactive tunnels spread to other cities, Salt Lake could still advertise that it was home to the world's first.
   Here's the trick, since I am publishing this for all to read, it is possible someone will see the idea, patent it, and Salt Lake City will not only not be the first, but will be excluded from having it. 'Tisn't fair, 'tisn't fair.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Quick Overview on Some of My Beliefs on Guns

   I do believe guns have virtues. Also, I do not believe we should have the restrictions that we do upon them, simply because the Second Amendment says there should be no infringement upon the people's right to keep and bear arms. I believe, with the restrictions we already have, we have overstepped those bounds. If we look at any of the restrictions we currently have, anything from not allowing ex-cons to have guns to requiring guns to be registered, and we think those are laws we want to keep, then we should amend our Constitution. If we think our Second Amendment needs no amending, then we should allow convicts to have guns, and we should not register guns, and we should allow everyone both concealed and open carry, and we should not do anything that infringes on the right to keep and bear arms. 
   Now, I admit that this past week, I have begun to reconsider this, and am considering that maybe some of the laws we have are fine without changing the Second Amendment, this based on the thought that as long as the people, in general, have full right to keep and bear arms, then the spirit of the Second Amendment is being kept. I am guessing that when I am done rethinking the matter, however, I will still be of the opinion that what we are doing is an infringement. I will still be of the opinion that if we are to keep the Second Amendment, we should not have any laws on open carry, on concealed carry, or anything, as the Second Amendment says no infringement, and that means no infringement.
    Now, my friends, we come to the matter of things I have said that might seem at odds with your own beliefs. I hope they are not against you beliefs, but we shall see. Read what I write, and judge.
I believe there are virtues in guns and there are things that are not virtuous about guns. That they were created to bring about death, should give us fair warning that all is not virtuous. Just as it is with anything that can do harm, there are dangers. I believe we should look at what they are, and note, and try to steer clear of those dangers. A gun is not so unlike a car in that with it, come responsibilities.
   (Note: I had to go to bed and did not have time to finish this blog.)