Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Give Those Harmed by Drugs Disability if They Need it, Jobs if They can Work

   I do not know how the SSI-Disabilty program handles those who are disabled due to drugs. But, I do have some thoughts on what should be done.
   Though taking drugs is wrong, and unlawful, if they are disabled, they are disabled, and should qualify for help. I would guess that is the way SSI-Disability sees it. For it is not what caused it, but the condition they are in that should qualify them.
   That said, I do believe many of them should be given work. Could we possibly give them a list of employers who have suggested they are willing to hire them? Could we do even more, even place them in jobs? For some of them might sidestep employment if they are just given a list of jobs, but not actually placed in them. I believe work and holding a job has great value to the person, and to society. More than just that, I also believe we have a responsibility to hold down the expense, to hold down the national debt. So, giving them jobs and allowing them to pay their own way in life is a good thing, for any of those who have disabilities yet who can work.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lobbyists Should Walk Through the Same Door as Everyone Else

   Why give a lobbyist more stature than the average citizen? Why give him or her greater access to our congress members and our legislators. Why craft legislation for them, yet not so often or so quickly as for the common citizen?
   If we do not want money to rule, if we want persons who aren't moneyed to have equal voice with those who do, we must rein in this practice of favoritism to lobbyists. I do not fault those who lobby (except when they extend campaign money), nor, really overly much, elected officials who take in lobbyists, for that is the way the system is set up and it is normal to play by the rules that are given.
   But, this practice of listening to lobbyists first is one of the greatest drawbacks of our government as it is currently practiced. And, how simple it would be to start effecting a change: We simply start frowning on it. If we as a society start saying it is wrong, that we don't approve of it, change will come.
  Our elected officials should tell these lobbyists, I'll see you if I can, but you'll walk through the same door as everyone else. No special favors will be extended, and none from you will be allowed.

Monday, March 30, 2015

There is Good Logic for Immigration Reform being a Conservative Stance

   Who gets to decide what is the conservative stand on each issue? Well we could argue that favoring more immigration is a conservative viewpoint. Few of the founding fathers likely advocated reducing immigration, or curtailing it, or cutting it back. Those who wrote the Declaration of Independence listed as one of their grievances that the king was restricting immigration. One of the reasons we went to war, then, was to secure more open borders. Yet, today, opening up immigration is usually considered a liberal stance.
  Conservatives usually don't like it when government restricts things, or when government takes away freedoms, but on the issue of immigration, that isn't the case.
    But, it depends on who is defining what a conservative is. I see good logic that loosening rules against immigration should be a conservative stand.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

'The Greatest Miracle was yet to Come'

   I consider all the miracles our Savior performed. An Easter video just released by my church points out that, after all those miracles of his life, "the greatest miracle was yet to come." I think of all the healing he did. I think of him hanging on the cross, and the mockers saying, "He saved others; himself he cannot save." But, the greatest healing was yet to come. Though buried in a tomb, he rose to live again.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Price it Takes to Earn Each Dollar Can Measure Prosperity

   Perhaps we should measure a person's prosperity not in how many dollars he makes, but in the price he pays to earn each dollar. If the purpose of money is to make you comfortable, if you can get there without it, you have achieved the end.
  There is often an emotional cost to earning a living. We call it working condidtions. This is not to say hard work is necessarily bad. It can be good. Hard work can even be the best of work.
   But, sometimes the price we pay is too high. Like, the times we lose our values. Or, the times we give up integrity. Like the times the stress of the job is too great. That is not to say all stress can or should be avoided. Some stress understandably goes hand-in-hand with the job.
   But, it is good when the company steers clear of placing stress on the employees, when that is possible.
   Sometimes, lose of health is the price of the job. That, of course, isn't good. I think mostly of those who work around harmful chemicals and substances.
   Would be good of a society if it were to give consideration to these things, if more companies had initiatives to improve their working conditions.

The Prosperity of a Nation is in Everyone having Enough

    The prosperity of a nation is not in everyone having much, but in each having enough. It is not in how many rich you have, but in how few poor you have.
    But, I will allow for some poor people, given the right conditions. There are other things that make for prosperity, and, frankly, a nation can prosper even though there be poor amongst it, for prosperity must be measure not just in financial terms, but also in terms of the emotional toll. If the poor are content, if they are happy, then their poverty is not so oppressive. There is more to a job than a paycheck. Sometimes, the good treatment a company gives an employee is as important as the paycheck. A company can, to a degree, atone for its inability to pay a high wage by having initiatives bringing good work conditions.

A Poem about the Gagged and Bound

Catch them while they're captured,
Kill them if you can.
As if in a prison
The unborn can't escape your hand.

They can push against your tummy,
Press against the walls.
But all their best of efforts,
Won't free them from your halls.

You've got them gagged and tied up,
You've got them chained and bound.
They cannot scream for justice,
Because they cannot voice a sound.

Precious little children,
Prisoners in your womb.
You turn their key to freedom,
Or you place them in a tomb.