Friday, June 17, 2011

HB116 Not as Bad as Video Implies

For the sake of posting something today, I post this reply to a Facebook link of a YouTube video against HB116.

Candace, there are counterpoints to be made for the things mentioned in the video. If we want truth, then a real truth serum suggests we consider them. When discussing the cost of illegal immigration, when saying Utah taxpayers are forced to pay for their education, welfare and incarceration, it should be remembered the taxpayer has always paid for the education, welfare and incarceration of all residents, not just those coming from other countries, and not just those staying here illegally. This is not something new. Regardless whether we allow these people to come, there will still be an expense for the population that is here. It is not something the immigrant, alone, is thrusting upon us. If you pick other segments of our society, and add up the expenses associated with them, will you decide to deport them when the total reaches $450 million? You might argue that those here are paying taxes, but remember you also argue the immigrant often steals an I.D. Oft-times, he steals it. and thus ends up paying taxes. No background check? Which forms of current immigration require that? It is something that should be required, definitely, but to fault HB116 is not fair if the other immigration modes also do not require it. Family members with serious crimes can remain as long as one family member qualifies for a work permit? This does not mean those committing serious crimes will not be prosecuted for them, same as those who were born here are prosecuted when they commit crimes. Those with fraudulent documents will not be denied permits? They can still be prosecuted for using false documents, as those laws are not being done away with. Rewards current employers by allowing them to retain their illegal employees? Yes, except now they are legal employees. The purpose of HB116 is to allow them to become legal employees, so it seems to me no great harm that is what happens. The purpose was to make things legal, and that is not a fault. The employment costs are not the same, since the immigrant must provide his own insurance? If you oppose the immigration of these people, you should hail this provision, for it does seem requiring the immigrant to find his own insurance before he can have the job is problematic. Shall we counter this "advantage" the immigrant will have by offering all citizens the right to get their own insurance before they seek employment? I believe they already can do so. So, if they feel they are being discriminated against, let them run out and get their own insurance before they look for a job. It should make them more employable. I wish them luck. There are 50,000 Utah Children who are victims of I.D. theft? Then prosecute those stealing identities. Having a guest worker program does not stop you from prosecuting those who steal identities. HB116 benefits big business? Some of the farms, some of the restaurants might be considered big business, but many of them are small. The argument might well be made that HB116 is a bill that is friendly to small businesses.

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  1. Good arguement there. I hope Candance reads and takes a second look at her views.