Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Free the Prostitutes; Offer Them Shelters

Oh, prostitution is surely wrong, and not a thing to be legalized at all. But, there is more to this matter of prostitution than whether we should legalize it. We should have a little heart for the prostitutes, themselves. I read how 89 percent of the prostitutes would like to escape, but see no way out. Some just don't have income options, but a good share of them are victims of human trafficking, nudged into prostitution by others. So, regardless whether we say prostitution should be illegal, shouldn't we should be concerned about the prostitute as a victim, and help her find a way out?

Add to the list of things that would improve our society, the freeing of the prostitute. As the song says, "Free, free. Set them free."

Seems like a few good shelters would be in order. Googling, I see shelters do exist. But, if women are going to leave prostitution, they need to know they have that option. They need to know the shelters exist. We should ensure that shelters are situated in every reasonable-sized city, and that enough advertising is being done so the prostitutes become aware of them, and know that they can escape to them.

I suggest the shelters offer employment as part of their way of taking care of prostitutes, rather than just taking them in and taking care of all their needs. If part of the reason prostitutes choose that profession is that they need the job, then part of the solution should be giving them an alternate job. Indeed, the shelters should require the prostitutes take the offered job in order to remain at the shelter.

Oh, I would not be surprised if the number of them who want out is not near 89 percent. Fine. Still, if there are even a decent number of them, at all, who want out, help them. 

You are going to have to tell me what would be wrong with this idea, if you oppose it. All I am asking is that we offer them a job to replace their prostitution, and a simple place to live that allows them to remove themselves from the influence of the pimps. If you want someone to change, you are wise to offer them an alternative.

(Note: Updated 7/9/14 as I corrected the Sting quote. On 9/21/15, I added the last paragraph.)

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