Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Maybe, They Can't Breed Because They're Not Related to Begin With

   I remain tentatively in the camp that says evolution happened, just as they say it did. Only, I say God was behind it.
   But, I certainly find a lot of arguments against evolution. Last night, as I was going to bed, I thought of perhaps as big of an argument against evolution as I have ever ran across.
   Very few species can interbreed. The ones that can, are so closely related, perhaps a little evolution did occur. Now, I can't see too much reason a lion and a bear shouldn't be able to breed, and produce a, liobear or whatever you want to call it. It seems a cross breed could come out of it.
  But, nope, it'll never happen.
  Now, if we all descended from the same one-cell being, if all the animals on earth are related, then how does it come to pass that they can't interbreed? With any creature, the descendants biologically can breed with each other. Mules being one of the rare exceptions. What happens, is you have the mother's DNA and the father's DNA, and the offspring is part from one and part from the other. You can go down the species history, and while there might be some changes -- some evolutions, if you want to call it that, such as Chinese and American Indians and Blacks and Caucasians -- still, they all can still interbreed, and the offspring will take its features part from one and part from the other.
   So, where going down the timeline, two creatures diverging from a single common ancestor, does it happen that they become no longer able to interbreed? And, why can they no longer interbreed? Is it because their DNA isn't compatible? That doesn't answer the question. It only restates it, for we know it must have something to do with their DNA. Otherwise they would be able to breed.
   But, given that it has something to do with their DNA, still, the DNA of any two parents will not perfectly match. Why is it the two parents can breed even though their DNAs do not perfectly match?
  So, what of this? Two species evolve from a common ancestor, yet somewhere along the line, lose their ability to interbreed, despite the fact they carry in them common genes from that common ancestor?
   Maybe, the truth is, they can't interbreed because they were never related in the first place.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More than a Being of Chance, is Man

   More than just a being of chance, is man, to me, anyway. I think of him as a being of hope. Look at man. Look upon his intelligence, his abilities, his uniqueness among species. He rules over all other creature, with none to challenge.
   What a wonderful creature.
   I do not know whether evolution brought man about. I know God created him, regardless how he came into being. I wonder on this: Is it possible for such a being as man to come about just by chance?
  Or did it take intelligent design?

In the below poem, when I say I see no evolution, I mean I look back at recorded history, and can not see any real physical changes in all that time. Evolution might have happened, but we can not see it just judged on what we see from going back as far as history records.

More than a being of chance, is man
He is a being of hope
More than a being who just lives and dies
And, then, that is the end of his rope

He seems so eternal, he seems so divine
Why would we call him less?
The only evolution we finds from him
Is in the progress in the world he doth bless

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Level of Perfection Equals the Level of Correction

   The level of perfection equals the level of correction. In other words, how close you come to perfection depends on how much correction you receive.
   Whether from yourself, your parents, or whoever.
   A person will only achieve what he thinks achievable. If he is taught perfection cannot be accomplished, it won't. If the small errors are not brought to his attention, he cannot go after them. This does not mean the person doing the correcting needs to shout, and chide, or demean. Correction can be and should be done in a loving, happy, smiling way.
   I think of the scripture that says, For Whom the Lord loveth he corrected. I wonder if that implies that He knows that without His correction, we will not move forward.
   I think of friends around me, who need correcting, who need someone to point out to them things they are doing that perhaps they shouldn't be. And, I wonder if I will have the courage to be their friend.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The James Lawrence 50-50-50 Should Bring Attention to Dangers of Sugar

   Deseret News writer Amy Donaldson says it might be the most grueling sports experience ever. James Lawrence, a Utah man known as the Iron Cowboy, reportedly just completed 50 triathlons in 50 days in 50 states.
   The James Lawrence 50-50-50. A feat so astounding, yes, we must wonder whether he really did it.
   To properly respect the achievement, consider a triathlon consists of a 112-mile bike ride, a more than 2-mile swim, and -- to boot -- a marathon, which is 26.2 miles. Now, Lawrence isn't reaping much attention -- so far -- which seems strange, considering how unbelievable this all is.
  And, just as what he did is not getting the attention it deserves, so it is with the cause. He ran to raise awareness of and funds to fight child obesity. Too much sugar is the big reason for child obesity (and adult obesity), of course, and the dangers of sugar are as not as known as they should be. Sugar has been linked to heart disease, and with cardiovascular disease being the number-one cause of death, that is significant. It may take more study to determine how strong the link is, but we should perhaps be concerned about this just as we are concerned about cigarettes and cancer. Oh, sugar has also been linked to cancer . . . and to liver problems, and to cognitive disabilities and to the shortening of life, itself.  
   I stayed up late last night, reading about the dangers of sugar. Then, this morning, I awoke to learn about Lawrence's phenomenal 50-50-50.
   It isn't catching the attention it deserves, not nearly. And, even so, the cause for which he ran is not  drawing the headlines it should.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Fourth Opened the Door Uninvited and Stepped In

   Let the immigrants in unimpeded, and our country will be overwhelmed, overpopulated, and our resources stretched to the breaking point. So the argument goes.
   For my part, though, I do not like the thought of locking them out just because they are poor, just because they are in need. It would seem that as much as any of the people wanting to come here, the ones in need should be ushered in first.
   For that very reason: because they are the ones in need.
   Let's say you were the sole gatekeeper to America's doors, and you made the rules and whatever you said, went, and you invited applications, and received back three, and the applicants came and stood before you, each begging you to choose them, and you felt you only had room for one.
   "Pick me," said the first. "I want to come to America to learn your language, and to see the sights, and to enjoy your pastimes."
   "Pick me," said the second, "I want to come to get an education, and then return to my homeland all the better for it."
   "Nay, pick me," said the third. "I want to come to America to become rich. Yours is the land of opportunity. Pick me and I will make you proud."
   But, then, a fourth person opened the door, uninvited, and stepped in. "Forgive me, sir," she said. "I have heard you might help me. Things are not well for me in my home country. I am hungry and homeless and have a child on the way. Is there anyway you can help me?"
   Which would you pick?

Take up all the talk of how the immigrant strains

I tend to think our fear of overpopulation is over valued. There would be strains, if we were to let in those who were poor. Already, many are upset with how much money must be spent on the welfare of immigrants. For my part, though, I do not like the thought that we are locking them out because they are poor, because they arrive in need of help. Rather than banning the needy, I think it better that we should find a way to help them help themselves, I believe we should take them in and provide them work.

I also think of how California, home to the gold rush, became one of the most prosperous of states. I wonder if, to some degree, the economic result of immigration is reflected in the ambitions for which they come, the purpose for which they come. If they come seeking to be industrious, you reap prosperity. If they are seeking welfare and someone to care for them, you do not reap prosperity. That said, I do not like not helping them. See the paragraph above.

If the Immigrant has Ambition, Skills and Work Ethic, All Should be Well

   Whether immigration strains your economy or builds it, depend largely on the ambitions and skills and work ethic of the people who come, and on the reasons they have for arriving on our shores. If they are ambitious folks, anxious to work, or people dreaming of what they can achieve in the land of opportunity, it will be well with the economy.
   But, if they see the new homeland only as a place of relief, a place of comfort at the hands of others, it might not go so well.
   The skills they bring with them? You will be well served if they bring entrepreneurial and inventive abilities. And, even if they lack skills, other than just a desire to work and contribute, you will be well served, for there is a need in economies for people who will work for others and be of the working class.
   This is not to say problems cannot arise. But, to a great extent, if the immigrant has all three characteristics -- skill and ambition and work ethic -- all will be well. If, though, he has just one of the characteristics? If he is ambitious in that he desires to make a wonderful living, but lacks the skills to make it happen and lacks the work ethic to take a menial job, then you are more likely to catch him becoming unemployed. And, if he has a strong work ethic, but lacks many work skills, there might be times when the menial, unskilled job is not available, or when the menial job does not provide a great enough of an income to meet all his needs. If he is barely putting food on the table, and has no insurance, and gets hospitalized, then look to him being an expense to the welfare system.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Create a New Field of Study to Cover Cycles of the Human Body

   In the cycles, there may be secrets. If we would learn the mysteries of living indefinitely, let us discover more about the rhythms of the human body. It is possible it holds part of the answer.
   There should be a field of medicine for this. I don't believe there is. There should be a field of study covering the cycles of the body. We breathe in and out; that is a cycle. Our heart beat slows when we sleep, and quickens when we are awake. And, sleep, itself, is a cycle.
    When I exercise, it seems my heart takes it fine. But, the next day? Sometimes I wonder if the next day the heart is a little more delicate than it was at the moment of the exercise.
   All of nature has cycles. There is day and night, winter and summer, a time for planting and a time for harvest. The moon has cycles, and the planets. Flowers bloom, then fade, then bloom, again.
   A woman has menstrual cycles. Body builders often exercise not daily, but every other day, to allow there muscles to rebuilt.
   But, if we can see some obvious cycles, I wonder if there is more to learn. Does caffeine have an immediate effect, then exchange it for another feeling the next day? Are there cycles that come with alcohol consumption, or marijuana use?
   We often speak of mood swings. They would appear to be cyclical. There should be a field of study that searches out all that can be learned about these cycles of the human body. In a world where we think medicine is so advanced, have we overlooked this branch of biological study? Is this a science we have not really even begun to research?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

To Repair the Prisoner, Repair His Family Life

   Perhaps nothing is more important to the reform of a prisoner than to reform his family life. If we are to have real prison reform -- if the reform is really going to work -- often it will be necessary to reform the prisoner's family life.
   I say this, because I realize the frustrations the prisoners have often contribute to their turning to a life of crime. If you don't help solve the problems that put them in prison, you won't solve the whole of the problem and the prisoner will be coming back. We call it recidivism, and it is recidivism that we seek to diminish.
   If you can teach the prisoner how to treat family members, and teach the family members how to treat the prisoner, you can reduce the discontent that he is living under. You can ease his life. You can make the environment he will be returning to a more suitable one. You can teach him skills that will not only help him in dealing with family members, but will help him in getting along with everyone in his life.
   The family is the basic unit of society. If it is broken, there is damage to the members thereof. If you would repair one of its members, often you must fix the broken unit, itself.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wish There Were More Concern Over Loss of Speed Week

   Canceled, for a second straight year: Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats. And, to me, we as a state ought to be more than just casually concerned. We ought to be doing everything we can to see that it gets rescheduled for a little later in the year, and everything we can to ensure this doesn't happen again future years.
   And, everything we can to save the Salt Flats.
   I'm thinking it is a big enough matter that state leaders should be weighing in and calling for action. I note the Utah Legislature is to go into special session here before long, to consider the prison relocation. And, I wonder but what this is not a big enough matter to call a special session for. The Salt Flats are quite a wonder. Speed Week brings in racers from various parts of the world. I am quite an advocate of preserving anything that makes us a draw to other parts of the world. I am quite a proponent of such things that bring tourism and acclaim to Utah.
  To me, this is more than a news story and then we move on. To me, it is not enough to nod our heads, lament a little, then move forward. Forward really isn't forward if we leave this behind.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sometimes, Our Greatest Fault is in Finding Fault

   Sometimes, our greatest fault is in finding fault. We do it incessantly. Think back on this past day, and reflect on the faults you found in others. They should have done this. They didn't do that. They sure are stupid. What were they thinking? When will they learn? We shouldn't have to tell them, We shouldn't have to put up with what they did.
   Did you have any of those attitudes towards others today?
   Donald Trump is the flavor of the week, many finding fault with him. And, most would say he found fault with John McCain. Trump suggested McCain is a hero only because he was captured. Trump said he likes people who aren't captured.
   So, does this mean Trump should drop out of the race? It's come to that. Some are calling for him to pull out. I'm just a little surprised at how hard we are on each other. How we go for the jugular. How we blow small faults into big ones.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Two Poems for a Sunday

We lack in great poetry about the Savior. Nor is the entry I offer much good. Alas, neither of the to poems offered below are overly good. Still, I think maybe to make writing poems about God a Sunday fare, thinking that practice makes perfect. Here's a little two-line jingle I wrote to my cousin, to encourage him in his poetry writing:

Poets become poets by practicing too.
The way to the top is to do what you do.

Poem of the Father and Son

Give me a King.
Give me a maker who rules in the heavens.
Give me a God.
Give me a Son of God who comes to earth.
God the Father, and God the Son
In purpose and goals, They are as one.

Give me a Savior
Give me a Person to pray to above
Give me an Example
Give me a Being Who is filled with love.
God the Father, and God the Son
They are the ones, to whom I would run.

I am a Dash of Heaven

I am but a speck of chance
Created by nature
Say the lips of mortal wisdom.

But I am a dash of heaven
Created by God
Cry the words of eternal truth.

Post rewritten 7-21-15, though the two poems were left unchanged.

Is this a Crime that is not Commonly Prosecuted?

   I see the Planned Parenthood controversy has prompted a congressional investigation. That is good. It should.
   But, I have not heard of an investigation by law enforcement. Why does this not warrant an investigation by the Department of Justice, or one of the federal agencies?
   Why not?
   Perhaps it has. Perhaps I just haven't found the right news story to let me know. Still, it seems if an agency investigation had been launched, the news I'm seeing would have reported it.
   When we get word of a possible crime, we investigate it, don't we? Murder, theft, larceny, arson -- when there is reason to suspect any of those things has occurred, our agencies rush to investigate. So, why not illegal abortions? If an official with Planned Parenthood spoke of crushing the bodies of fetuses in a manner that is not legal, that is a crime. It should be investigated the same as murder, theft, larceny or arson. 
   If the Planned Parenthood official spoke of receiving fees ranging from $30 to $100, that, too, suggests crimes might have been committed. The body parts of fetuses cannot be sold. We have a law against that. There can be payment for expenses, but if the payment provides a profit, it is illegal, And, $30 to $100 leaves me wondering if the expenses are being overcharged.
   I wonder how many prosecutions there have been since the law against partial-birth abortions went into effect in 2003. Surely there have been times the law has been broken. Surely there have been offenses. I wish I knew a link that told me how many there have been.
   I wonder if this is a crime that commonly is not prosecuted. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Four Elements of Great Poetry

   Tonight, I pause from politics to tell you how to become the world's best poet.
   First, the obvious, for to be poetry, it needs to rhyme, or have rhythm, or cadence or some such. To a large extent, how successful you are will depend on how well you master this.
   Second, the wording needs to be clever. Turn a new phrase, or say something quotable.
   Now, we can't stop just with these two elements, for the greatness of a poem comes not just in how beautiful the wording is, or the lilt with which it is written. No, a great poem is one that is understood, quickly, each line being self-evident in meaning, not requiring reading it time and time again to figure out what is meant. So, the third element of good poetry is clarity.
   Finally, a message needs to be delivered. You can write a well-cadenced poem about a dog or a field or a canyon, but if it simply says that the dog or field or canyon exists, it won't be as wonderful a poem as it will if it delivers a truth about that dog, field, or canyon. So, offer an observation, an insight. The greater the insight, the greater the poem. Sometimes, a story is told. If so, the greater the story line, the greater the poem.
   And, there you have it, the four elements of great poetry: cadence, wording, clarity, and message.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

If Planned Parenthood Sells Body Parts for $30-$100, That's Too Much

   A couple days ago, a video was posted by the Center for Medical Progress claiming Planned Parenthood admitted to selling fetal body parts. The law says they can be donated for medical studies, but not sold for profit. Now, here's the hitch: Reasonable payments can be made for such things as transportation, quality control and storage.
   The video shows a Planned Parenthood official saying the body parts can go for $30 to $100. As the story broke, Planned Parenthood said that is all the money goes for.
   Snopes has already posted on the issue, classifying whether Planned Parenthood is involved in illegal activity as "Undetermined."
   My thought? I'm thinking $30 to $100 is too much to be considered a reasonable amount for such things as implantation (whatever that refers to), transportation, and preservation of the parts,  If the pay is $30 to $100, there seems to be room for profit, which is against the law.
   Planned Parenthood also is being accused of performing partial-birth abortions, which have been illegal since 2003. (In 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld this law.) While it is time for me to go to bed without too much review of partial-birth abortions, they are late-term abortions in which, I believe the manner of pulling the body apart, or piercing it, or such was determined to be too cruel to the unborn, but I am not certain that is why partial-birth abortions are illegal.
   For my part, I am grateful for the 2003 law against partial births. And, I believe reports of violations should be investigated and prosecuted as much even as we investigate and prosecute other crimes.
   On both matters -- whether Planned Parenthood is profiting on the body parts, and whether it is performing partial birth abortions -- I have not read whether the federal government has been called to investigate. Why not?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Of Living to the Age of a Tree

   Remember Kitty Hawk, or, rather, all the people who said if God had intended us to fly, he would have given us wings?
   Remember that we once lived in a world people thought was flat?
   So, I suggest man can live indefinitely (or at least a lot longer than he currently is), and truly wonder if we are living in a day where this is about to happen. I even wonder about the Millennium, the 1,000-year period when Christ is to reign on earth and when people are to live without death.
   I wonder if modern medicine will bring it about, if we will live so long because of the advances of medicine. Will all the gene studying, gene mapping and such bring it about? Or will there be other breakthroughs, in addition to gene mapping?
   I half think it could come without gene mapping. I half think it might be as simple as contemplating on what old age is, and seeking cures. Old age, to me, seems to be a time when muscles lose their elasticity, their viability. It is a time of pinched nerves, and of inflammation throughout the body. It is a time of deterioration of skin and body, and of bones becoming bridle.
   Those are things, it seems to me, that are conquerable. Almost I wonder, if we placed all our best efforts, all our thought and resources into this, could we rather quickly find the answers?
   Move us into the Millennium within decades, or maybe even just years, if we were only to get serious about finding medical solutions. I am not scriptorian enough to know, but I wonder if the Millennium could be underway before Christ's Second Coming.
   I do not know that it will be modern medicine that brings about man living so long as he will in the Millennium. No, but, I do think it is one of the possibilities.
   And, I consider how the early descendants of Adam and Eve lived long lives. I turn open my scriptures, and read how Enos lived ninety years, and begat Cainan, then lived eight hundred and fifteen more years. This, without the benefit of modern medicine. To me, it does seem possible, since we have the benefit of modern medicine, to equal that life span.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

If You Don't Want Recidivism, Give the Ex-Con a Job

   If you wanted to reform your criminals, you'd not put them at risk. If you wanted them to stay away from crime, you'd make it as easy as you could for them to stay away from crime.
  You'd give them jobs.
   I wish America would reform its criminal care system. There are so many things that could be done. We lament recidivism, yet we don't take a host of steps that could reduce it.
   Placing the ex-convicts in jobs is one of them. Of all the people out looking for jobs, the ex-con should perhaps be the person we most want to be employed. Many were in prison for crimes they committed while trying to make money. When they get out, if they don't get a good job, they are, of course, tempted to fall back on the ways of earning money that they are familiar with.
   If you don't give them a way to change, they won't change. If you don't give them a way out of their lifestyle, they will remain in it.
   So, what is the solution? Perhaps each ex-con should be assigned to a counselor at the job service office, someone who places them in a job. If that works, that is enough. But, if jobs are not being found for all the ex-cons, then we should create jobs for them. The need to provide employment is urgent enough that, if necessary, government should create the jobs. Let the job placement officers do all they can to get the person in a private sector job. But, if that fails, there must be a safety net.
    A lot of what can be done needs to take place while the prisoner is in prison. Currently, we provide educational opportunities for the prisoners. That should continue. But, we should not stop there. The education should include a lot of vocational training. The prisoner should be trained for specific jobs. And, whenever possible, the person should be trained for self-employment, as a person who has self-employment skills does not need to depend on whether someone will give him a job.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Conquer Pinched Nerves and Strive to Get Out of This Life Alive

   I've got this theory that living indefinitely (or at least a lot longer than we are) is possible, and maybe not that far away. I'm thinking, if we put our efforts into it, we just might get out of this life alive.
   And, I mean living in mortality. I'm not talking about the immortality of the soul. That will happen, yes, but living down here on earth need not end nearly so fast, if we can just figure it out before our time is up.
   We've made progress into ending a number of diseases. What if we do conquer them? More, what if we treat old age, itself, as a disease and go after what causes old age, and end that "disease"?
   The last couple days, I've thought on pinched nerves and such. I've thought about bulging disks. I've wondered if with the passing of time, pressure mounts on all parts of the body -- pinched-nerve type stuff. Those elderly people who just set in their chairs not saying much? I'm thinking that might be due (at least in part) to something akin to pinched nerves on the brain.
   So, what if we solve this? What if we find a way to unpinch all the pressure on the brain, and on the rest of the body? Don't tell me it isn't possible. Of course it is.
   And, if we do do this, perhaps we will have gone a long ways toward extending the life of mortal beings. Perhaps, as much as anything (even more so) that has already been done by modern medicine, this will add years to our lives.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Washington's Wisdom on Charity for Those of Differing Opinions

   Oh, it is wonderful to learn that a hero of mine, George Washington, considered on civility. Just as today, in the last few years, so many Utahns have called for civility, even so, George, way back in his day, also called for it.
   Respect the other person, regardless if you differ in belief. Be charitable with those of differing opinions. Villainize not your foes, but befriend them. These are principles George apparently felt the same about as I do.
   I found this great quote from him. It is great in what it says, though not in the way it was worded. So, I will rewrite it. First, I will give you George's own words, then I will offer the rewrite.
   "Differences in political opinions are as unavoidable as, to a certain point, they may perhaps be necessary; but it is exceedingly to be regretted that subjects cannot be discussed with temper on the one hand, or decisions submitted to without having the motives, which led to them, improperly implicated on the other; and this regret borders on chagrin when we find that men of abilities, zealous patriots, having the same general objects in view, and the same upright intentions to prosecute them, will not exercise more charity in deciding on the opinions and actions of one another."
   (Quote taken from a letter to Alexander Hamilton, Aug. 26, 1792.)
  And, here's my rewrite. It, too, is not perfect in wording. But, here it is:
  Differences in political opinions can be unavoidable. If we have thoughts contrary to those of our friends, we, of course, feel an obligation to express them in order to stand for what we feel is right. But, it is regrettable that things cannot be discussed in a more tempered way, with respect for the beliefs of the other, and not questioning the other's motives. It is wrong to implicate the other person, to assign a faults in conduct, and flaws in character, simply because they reached a different conclusion. My regret for this borders on chagrin when I consider that persons of great abilities, zealous patriots, all, can have the same love of country, and the same well-fare of humanity in mind, yet because they reach different conclusions on what should be done, they will not be charitable towards each other.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Article 1, Section 8 Speaks of Naturalization, not of Immigration

   Here's a little bit of a bombshell: The part in the Constitution often quoted to say Congress has power over immigration actually says no more than that Congress can establish an uniform way to be declared a citizen. It says nothing of immigration, itself.
   Further, look at the first time (1790) Congress did fulfill this part of the Constitution, the first time it did establish a law on how to be declared a citizen. The new law, reflecting what Article 1, Section 8 set forth, said the person must have lived in the U.S. for one year and must have been of good character. It did not set forth any restrictions on coming here.
   "The Congress shall have Power . . . to establish an uniform rule of Naturalization." Naturalization is not the act of immigrating, it is the act of being named a citizen once you are here.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Perhaps the Charleston Shooting Should Take Down a Drug, as Well

   As the argument goes, legalize drugs and a lot of our problems would go away. But, I'm wondering if we should outlaw at least one more. Dylann Roof used it. It reportedly lends to aggressive behavior. It reasonably can be suggested to have contributed to his shooting nine people at the church in Charleston.
   Ban this drug? Make it illegal? I think we should consider that. From what I do know at this point, I'd recommend it. Suboxone is used to treat opiate addiction. But, in and of its self, Suboxone is dangerous.
   Yes, we should consider the benefits, and consider whether there are adequate alternative drugs should we shut down the legal use of this one. But if it has been a factor in even just this one mass shooting, how responsible are we to not ban it?
   I wonder. Perhaps there is reason to keep it legal. But, then again, perhaps we should be marching in the streets, protesting, mad that such a drug is still legal after what has happened. The church shootings took down a Confederate flag. Perhaps they should take down a drug, as well.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Do Any of Them Change Their Orientation When They Changes Sexes

   When Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner, did his/her sexual orientation change? Was Bruce homosexual all his life? Was his orientation toward liking men? It is a crucial question, because we are told sexual orientation is something a person is born with. Our understanding, is that it is something that does not change.
  Or, does Caitlyn's orientation have nothing to do with it? It is what is is and remains what it was, and it is not why he chose to changes his sex.
  I do wonder about transsexuals, whether some of them change their orientation. I wonder if any study has been done of it. I wonder if any of them at all have changed their orientation.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let Us Knock Off Diseases One After Another, Till We Live Indefinitely

   We might be closer to living indefinitely than we realize. Barring car accidents, and shootings, and lives being taken forcibly, we just might be closer to living indefinitely than what we think.
   After all, medicine has made inroads against cancer, against heart disease, and so forth. What if we can cure these diseases? What if we reach a point where we have cured them? What if we consider wrinkly skin a disease and go after that? What if we consider muscle deterioration a disease, and cure that, too?
   Here's the point: If we can cure one disease, we can cure many -- maybe all -- and, if we can cure all diseases, then we can live indefinitely. I say, get on with the business of curing diseases, because I do want to be part of this.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Entertainment is the Religion of the Day

   If we get our values from our religion, entertainment is the religion of our day. If our religion is where we learn how to treat others, if it is what gives us whatever character we do or do not have, if it is what gives us our morals, entertainment has become our religion.
   Forgive, but I see it that way. I look around at the way people act, and the values they have, and I wonder but what they aren't a reflection of what is on TV, and in movies, and in popular songs. Teaching moments? Ours come in the movie theater. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Homosexuality and Lesbianism can be a Learned Trait

  Can homosexuality and lesbianism be a learned trait?
   I say, it can.
   I think on sexual fulfillment, on how a person can get sexual fulfillment with either sex, if they so let themselves. To say this is false, is to say it is biologically impossible for a person to allow themselves any satisfaction in sharing their bodies with those of the same sex. Can't happen. Never has, never will.
   I say, of course it can. People are capable of seeking and finding enjoyment of their bodies where they will. Nothing stops them from doing so.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday and My God

   I think to speak of homosexuality tonight, but consider that this is Sunday. Often, my Sunday blogs are on everyday topics. But, is probably best when I make them about God, for that is what Sunday is about.
   It is the Lord's day.
   I do believe that if you serve God with all your heart, mind and strength, He will watch over you. I do believe in putting God first in my life. I do believe in God, and in His Son, the Savior. I thank the Christ for his sacrifice. He atoned for my sins, and for those of everyone. I consider on His never sinning, never yielding to temptation. I consider He has said that as He has done, I should likewise do, and think that means I, too, can reach a point in my life that I do not sin. If one person can do it for the full of their life, then others of us should be able to reach that point, eventually, at some point in our lives. It has been done. How are we then to say it is impossible?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

I Believe in an America for Everyone

   I believe in an America for everyone, regardless what part of the globe they are in. I believe in justice and freedom, in fairness and ethics, in equality and love. In other words, I believe in America. I believe in the value of every human soul. I believe in treating others with decency and dignity. I believe in the pursuit of happiness, in being able to pursue dreams and prosperity, in being allowed to chase goals and ambitions. In other words, yes, I believe in America.
   I would not reject anyone from coming to this land, if it were my choice, other than those who would come to commit crimes. I would say, This is the land of the free, and you are free to come. Well, I'll hedge on that. I would that everyone could come to America, but they might not all fit in. At present, I do not see so many knocking on our door that I would restrict immigration. But if it did come to that, indeed then, we would have to restrict immigration.
    I believe in an America for everyone, regardless where they live. But, let me condition that, as well. I do not believe in fomenting change in other countries. If the people lack freedoms, but are not wanting or asking for those freedoms -- if they are satisfied with their lots in life -- then let them be. You do not force freedom on a people because that is not what freedom is about. Our values might not be their values. If they do not value being free, if they are happy living under a king or dictator, then let them alone to their own way of life, and don't force ours upon them.
  But, if they are in oppression and in need of help, and will welcome that help, then I would go to war to free them. Just as you, as a person, help every neighbor you can, so we as a nation should help every people we can. Just as we would stand up for the rights of any one person we know in our communities, so we should stand up for the rights of any group of people, wherever they be in all the world.
   I believe in an America for everyone. I wish it could be on our soil. But, as that cannot be, then let "America" be in other lands, as well. If they cannot come to America, let us take America to them.

Bring Showcase Businesses to the Welcome District

   I've argued, you know, that land around airports traditionally is underutilized, going for industrial parks and such, instead of being used to greet tourists, to throw a welcome party, and to showcase your state. Too much noise from the airplanes? With the potential of land near the airport, it seems we should simply overcome that by sound-proofing the buildings and going ahead to utilize the land for its highest value.
  I've argued that Utah yet has enough undeveloped property around its airport to be able to have such a welcome zone, such a showcase district.
  I've suggested some tourist-worthy businesses be included in the district. There might not be room for many, but save some space for some. One argument for doing so, is that large corporations -- often flying their people between different offices and flying in clients and visitors -- might appreciate being located right near the airport. That would especially be true if the whole district was attractive, entertaining and could serve as a hosting site, a welcoming place for their visitors, offering entertainment ranging from (clean) comedians and singers to American Indian and (modestly clothed) Polynesian dancers.
   Having such a site available could be a selling point should we want to attract large corporations -- and of course we want to. So, why not do this? No other city I know of does this, so we would have a selling point no other city could offer. 
   And, we could also invite those businesses to be part of the tourism. If we had a Boeing, for example, some tourists would easily be enticed to visit it. 
   I would also seek out smaller, novelty businesses, businesses with tourist appeal. Perhaps Amano, an international-award-winning chocolate maker in Orem could be persuaded to open a spot in the airport zone, displaying their chocolates and telling their story and the story of chocolate, and showing how chocolate is made.
   If you have something worthy, you should market it. Businesses are often worthy of tourism, and placing your showcase businesses in a tourism zone would be a win-win, benefiting them as well as this city and state. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Not in My America: We Should not Tolerate Injustice Such as This

   When we see an injustice such as this, we should demand that it end. We should not tolerate it.
   My friend Omar Sey came to America to receive an education. Needing to work his way through school, he got a work permit. Trouble is, when they issued it, they got his first and last names inverted. His employer is saying get it changed, so we can put you back to work. So, in February, he mailed off the paperwork to get it changed.
   He's still waiting.
   To correct something like this should be a quick process. Walk in, fill out some papers, sit down and wait while they electronically verify everything, and walk out with a corrected card. So it seems to me.
   So, they've stretched this out since February, and it is now July. The permit is valid for one year, and will expire in August.
   To make matters worse, he says, when he called them a couple weeks ago and asked why it is taking so long, they told him to quit bothering them, and quit asking  -- or they will just make it all the harder on him, and make him wait all the longer.
   Nobody should be treated this way, anywhere. But, in America, certainly nobody should be treated this way. This is a country of justice and fairness, of treating people right. When we see something like this, should band together, rally around the oppressed person, and demand that the ill treatment cease.
    We should say, Not in my America.

Bless the Children: Do We Place Them With Same-Sex Parents?

   I pause on this same-sex marriage thing. Most of us do favor allowing them to live together. Most of us do favor giving them many of the privileges that come with marriages.
   But, I wonder about children. Should we let them adopt? If there is evidence that children do not prosper as well when placed in same-sex homes, do we allow it, anyway? We should want to place the children in the best and most favorable circumstances. Is the same-sex family just as good as the natural one, as far as raising children?
   Another question rises as I think on this. Of the children raised in same-sex homes, is there a greater tendency for them to end up of same-sex attraction, themselves? Such a thing would not seem to be so, if we grant that sexual orientation is a thing set by birth. If a gene decides sexual orientation, then the example and influence of parents will not serve to make one iota of difference.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Child Being Important, Our Foster Care Needs This Change

   If we were chipping away at the ills of society one by one, we probably should change up the foster care program. If we could find enough volunteer families, then we should no more pay people for taking care of the children.
   I'm sure many of the paid foster parents are wonderful. The problem is, some take the children for the money and then do not properly take care of them, treating them roughly and without love. The danger of the children becoming a paycheck without being truly loved is not a thing we should be doing.
   Children are perhaps our greatest responsibility, certainly one of them. Placing them in risk is not something we should do.
    As I said, and I want to emphasize it, I would guess most of the foster parents are tender and loving. But, I would also guess the share of them who care not for the kid but only for the money is more than we should allow. There is a rule about life: Where you place your carrots determines the results you get. If money is the carrot, some will become foster parents just to receive a paycheck though they don't bring love into the relationship. There is no carrot for love.
   But, if they volunteer to take care of the children, they almost always will be doing so because they want to help. The carrot, then, is to help, to love, to benefit the child.
   Are children important? Is the raising of them a matter of utmost importance? Then, we should make this change.