Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No More Ships to Break Blockade?

Now, perhaps, no more ships upon the water.

How successful was the Mavi Marmara/Gaza Flotilla incident to the radical portions of the Islamic world? That incident, now fading from our memories after more than a month has passed, brought perhaps as much international outrage upon Israel as anything ever has.

So, other ships were expected, portraying themselves, too, as humanitarian, sailing towards Israel's blockade of Gaza in hopes that they, too, would be picked off before getting there.

Hoping to imitate the Mavi Marmara, shifting yet more shame upon Israel and increasing the share of the world standing against the nation of the Jews.

Nine passengers died. How do you justify attacking a humanitarian ship and killing nine people?

Israel pleaded that they were provoked, that hoping-for-suicide terrorists got exactly what they wanted out of the incident. But, much of that plea went unheeded.

Word came that other ships were to leave from Turkey, from Lebanon, and from Syria.

But, weeks went by and no ships. Oh, the Rachel Corrie did sail days after the Mava Marmara and the Gaza Flotilla, but none have since, that I have heard of.

Now, with news breaking two days or so ago that Israel was easing the blockade to allow virtually all consumer goods in, will threat of more 'humanitarian aid,' blockade-busting ships be gone?

Perhaps, Perhaps not. Restrictions still remain. Travel is banned. Exports remain banned. Construction materials are still banned. Gaza business leaders responded to news of the blockade being eased by saying it does not go nearly far enough.

But, what is a humanitarian ship if it is reduced to bringing only construction materials? Israel may have robbed future flotillas of their cause by easing the blockade. One can hope no more ships will come.

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