Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Electors Should do the Picking, not Vice Versa

   I would suggest the way we elect a president turns the process upside down from what is set forth in the Constitution. Instead of the electors picking which candidate will be president, the candidates pick which people will be electors.
   If you are bound by state law or by your political party to vote for a certain candidate, you are not free to pick a candidate. To the contrary, if whatever elector is elected has to vote for a certain candidate, it is the same as if the candidate were selecting the elector, for the only people who can be picked are those who are committed to vote for him (or her). If whomever is picked has to vote for him (or her), what more could the candidate ask for in deciding who to pick?
   I wonder but what this ought not be. I wonder but what we make a mockery of the process.

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