Saturday, November 5, 2016

Let the Salt Flats Defendants Off the Hook on Filming Charge

  The First Amendment being at stake, we should reconsider laws that restrict recording. I read of how Parker Heuser and others were fined for not having a permit to shoot a video on the Salt Flats. My thought is, cite them for the damages they caused, for breaking rules that brought the damage, but not for their video recordings.
  Heuser and other members of the Canadian group High on Life enjoyed a lot of views when they posted their videos on Youtube. But, when public officials saw the postings, they cited and fined the offenders.
  It is the filming citation I take issue with. I would make it law that filming does not require permits or licensure. You can require use permits for activities that can cause damage, but filming, itself, does not cause damage. If Heuser and his friends could have walked onto the Salt Flats without causing damage, then it should have been within their rights to film.

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