Monday, November 14, 2016

We Might Sidestep so Much Animosity if We Elected the President Right

 Thinking about it, there is one very negative affect elections have on America. Every four years, we are at our most hateful best, being more condemning and intolerant of each other than ever. 
   Every four years this happens. Of course, it also happens in our other elections, but the presidential election might be when we put on our ugly faces the most.
   So, did you ever notice how the Constitution doesn't even call for a popular vote for president? I find it interesting, we are suppose to be electing electors, and they are suppose to deliberate on who should be president, and they are suppose to make that decision. Notice this, and notice it well: If we did it the way the Constitution outlined, we might avoid a lot of the division and hatred and lying and demeaning.
  Maybe the founding fathers' way of doing it is wiser than what we realize. I don't at all suppose they envisioned the Electoral College as a way of sidestepping animosity, but I suggest it is a big bonus, the same.
   So, I suggest we go back to electing a president the way the Constitution would have us do it.

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