Friday, November 4, 2016

Utah is Sending a Message to the Rest of the Country

   It is fruitless to vote for Evan McMullin? It's a wasted vote? He's not going to win, so why vote for him?
   Reflect on what the Utah surge for McMullin already has accomplished. Utah is garnering national attention. Other states are looking to us. We are sending a message that we will not be hogtied into voting for someone on the basis of that candidate being the lesser of two evils.
   Voting for McMullin sends a message of principle. It says, "If we do not like the two major candidates, we will find an alternative we do like." All America is watching Utah. We can tell the country, principles do matter. We will not take Trump just because he is a Republican. With us, it is principle over party. Our patriotism is to our country, not to our party. We don't vote for a candidate simply because he has an R after his name.

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