Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Dollar Follows the Dime; So What does that Indicate with Trump?

   The dollar follows the dime. Where you invest is where you'll reap. With regards to the presidential election, if you have invested in (elected) a person who outlined a tax plan that will place us $11.5 trillion more in debt, you should expect to reap a humongous national debt. If you have invested in a candidate who demeans others, you should expect two things: (1) He will continue to do so, and, (2) The example he sets will affect the nation.
   We have elected the president we have, and now, as a nation we might become more like the man we have elected.
   Maybe, that is. Yes, we saw some negative characteristics from Trump during the campaign. But, I suppose I wonder (hope) if he has repented. The public castigated him sufficiently,, and, who knows, perhaps he took it all to heart, and realized he needs to be a different person.
    And, who knows, maybe once he reflects on what his tax plan will do, once he sets down with his advisers, maybe he will yet decide on a different policy than one that shoots the national debt up so much, We have become accustomed to adding to the national debt. As we have elected leaders who have allowed it, we have grown to accept it. As we have invested in them, we, ourselves, have become more inclined that direction.
   When Trump released his economic plan with the tax cuts, and the experts suggested what impact it will have on the national debt, we did not recoil in horror. Instead, we either glossed it over, not giving it much thought, or we supposed Clinton would do just as much harm. (If we so supposed the later, we didn't listen closely: The experts suggest no where near the increase in debt under Clinton's tax plan.) In not being alarmed when Trump revealed his tax plan, it shows we have become more like our leaders. They have influenced us. The acceptance of the national debt has spread to all quarters. The dime has led to the dollar.
   What will we become as a nation as a result of electing Trump? I hope for the best, and can hope that I am wrong. But, it is the dime that determines where the dollar goes. If you invest in one thing, you can expect to reap your results in that same area. As a man soweth, so shall he reap.

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