Monday, November 14, 2016

Perhaps They Were Looking Out for the Smaller States

  Perhaps a little partial repenting of what I said the other day, as I wondered whether the Founding Fathers wanted to give the smaller states more power in the presidential election. I might still wonder if they simply were looking for a way to proportion the membership of the Electoral College, and giving each state votes equal to its congressional delegation was simply what they opted to do, with no particular thought for helping the small states.
  But, my brother points out that they set up the Senate as a way to give small states more equal representation. It makes sense, then, that they might still have been thinking in those terms when they set up the Electoral College.
   Getting home from work just an hour ago, and being due for bed, I have not had time to study the topic, and probably won't get around to it in the near future. So, I might not get around to learning more.

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