Sunday, November 6, 2016

The National Deficit is too Big a Concern for Me to Vote for Trump

When I consider who to vote for, the national debt is an overriding concern. Many speak of our
Constitution hanging by a thread. Perhaps so. I do not know. But, I can see if we do not reign in our national deficit, our nation might hang by a thread. Economists are saying Trump's budget plan will add, what, $11 trillion? That is a humongous increase, just better than the $10 trillion we have seen under Obama. Trump has called out Obama for raising the debt, but his economic plan flies flat in the face of that. He campaigns against the debt, but his economic plan promises to only deliver more, much more. It reminds me of when Obama was first running for the office, and of how there was a national debate on the cost of health care, and Obama suggested he would fix things, and I said, yes, let's do something about it, and then, when he did come up with a plan, I perceived it would only increase costs and I quickly got off board with his plan. Even so, Trump is crying about reducing the national debt, but, when you look at his plan, it is only going to do the opposite. Save the nation? I would say we certainly do not want to vote for Trump, then. He has telegraphed his punch,  and we are not wise enough to get out of the way. We are going to the polls oblivious to the fact of what a vote for Trump means, ignoring it, that is, for we have been told but we have not given it the slightest heed.

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