Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We Should be able to Write in Whomever We want

 I should not have voted for Gary Herbert tonight. No, although I favor him, I should have used my vote more wisely. My vote isn't going to make a lick of difference, in the outcome, anyway. But, had I voted a little differently, I would have learned more about the process.
   You know you can't vote for a write-in unless that write-in is registered as a write-in, don't you? Some have suggested that you can write in whomever you want, even if they aren't registered, but it just won't count. Well, as I am voting tonight, I notice the governor's race is the only one that even offers the option of voting for a write-in. I wish I would have clicked on it. (Maybe president also did offer that option, but I just didn't notice.) I wonder if I had clicked on the write-in box, if it would have listed all the write-in candidate(s) by name, and I would have been able to vote for one that way. There was no key pad, that I could have actually typed in someones name. Or, maybe a screen would have come up allowing me to touch letters of the alphabet to spell out my write-in's name.
   If the registered write-ins names are listed, why do they even call it a write-in? If you can't actually write a name in, you just have to select from the names given, that isn't a write in.
   This year, a lot of people would have voted for Mitt Romney, given the chance. But, they weren't given that opportunity.
   We ought to be allowed to vote for whomever we want. I don't like Utah's prohibition against voting for write-ins.The freedom to vote for whomever you want should be a basic freedom. If you can only vote for candidates the state provides, that isn't full freedom to vote for the candidate of your choice.

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