Friday, September 10, 2010

Immigrant is Most Oppressed of All

They perhaps are the most-oppressed people in all of our land.

They are oppressed even before they come here. Living in Central and South America, so oppressed are they that they seek a way out, seeking to come to the United States, the land of opportunity, and the land of prosperity.

To get here, they cross one of the most crime-invested domains on earth, Mexico, gangs seeking them out, urging them at point of life to throw in with them as fellow hoodians. "We will make this simple for you," the drug cartels say, "Give us your money, give us your service, or give us your lives."

There is a mortality rate at this point.

Then, they face the ravages of the border. No rest stops here. No coffee shops. No stores. No hotels. Just the wind and the sun and the elements.

There is a second mortality rate here, at this point.

And, finally when they reach their haven, the U.S., is there a warm and fuzzy welcome? No. "What part of the word 'illegal' don't you understand," they are told. "Go on back to where you came from. You are not wanted here."

Their crime? Wanting to be Americans. Or at least, wanting to live among Americans and on American soil. That is their crime. Should it be? Well, without an invite -- without permission from the people who arrived here ahead of them -- living here is a crime, living and existing on American soil is a crime.

Oppressed? They arrive in a new land, a land they have honored, wanting little more than to live amongst a people they have looked up to, and if they are not anxious about how they will be greeted, they should be. Their new countrymen, these Americans, treat them as if they are the reason for most all the crime, and tell them they are taking their jobs, and swear at them for using the same social programs that they, themselves, use.

Consider how you would feel. How would you feel, if after such a journey to get here, such a hope of living in the noblest of all nations, you finally arrived only to be greeted with,  "Go home, you illegal alien." Now, these Americans rightly consider it quite wrong to toss racial epithets, but they think nothing of calling you an "alien." It is a term cast upon you by their law books. If it is an epithet, it is a government-sanctioned epithet.

And, this in America?

And, you aren't called "illegal" for robbing a bank, or committing a murder, or arsoning a house. No, it is because you, yourself, are illegal, just for being, just for existing on American soil without permission to be here.

The phrase, "Excuse me for living," it takes on real meaning.

If you are guilty of a crime, it is that you do not have paperwork. For this, they have a police force to hunt you down. Oppressed? How many racial groups or social groups have ever had a police force created just for them, to seek them out, and them alone, and no one else?

Bless the immigrant. He is the most oppressed of all.

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