Thursday, February 9, 2017

Freedom of Speech was Violated on Senate Floor

   The silencing of Elizabeth Warren. She was cut off as she lambasted Jeff Sessions, President Trump's nominee for attorney general. There's an old rule against being too critical off a fellow senator while on the Senate floor. Did Warren call Sessions disgraceful, or what? I haven't caught up with exactly what language she used.
   I am rather certain, though, that I stand with the host of people who say she should not have been cut off. Freedom of speech is silenced when you cannot speak negatively about a cabinet nominee. If the purpose of the hearings is to discuss the pros and cons of the nominee, however do you justify cutting someone off for discussing the negatives?
   If freedom to criticize is not part of freedom of speech, what is? If a U.S. senator is not even accorded freedom of speech while on the senate floor, how incredible is that?

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