Tuesday, February 7, 2017

When You Look for Something Negative, You'll Find Something False

  When you look for something negative, you'll find something false. If you look for dirt, among all that turns up will surely be something that isn't true. If you dislike someone, though, your hate will blind you and you will believe the falsehood, and pass it along. Hatred blinds a man to the truth.
   I think of all the stories of Hillary Clinton. I think how those who believe them are people who already hold her in contempt. The false stories find fertile ground for believers among those who hate her. I do not say that all of the stories are false, but I certainly judge that some are.
   I think of this principle then, of how hatred will blind a person to truth, of how hatred creates value where true merit does not exist. If we would be people endowed with wisdom, people of sound judgment, we must guard against this great disabler, hatred. It can truly be said that if you strip yourself of hatred, you will add to yourself intelligence. Hatred is the minefield on the road to intelligence. It will blow you off the path.

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