Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Homeless are Vulnerable, so Protect Them with a Zone

   I see how the Utah Legislature is considering making it a felony to deal drugs in the area of a homeless shelter. There's a novel approach.
   I think of school zones, and how some of our laws protect schools and children: Reduced speeds, and no alcohol outlets, for example. The thought comes to me that one objective of good government is to protect the vulnerable. We protect the children with our zoning laws. Perhaps we should do the same with our homeless.
   Yes, perhaps pass that law, saying no dealing drugs near a homeless center. And, look for other measures, as well, to protect the homeless. We speak of how the Rio Grande area here in Salt Lake City draws a bad element, a crime element that affects businesses.
   How about, instead of moving the homeless out, we clean the area up?
   I am just suggesting this as something we should consider. I saw the news item on dealing drugs near homeless shelters, and got thinking. Maybe this is a good idea, or maybe further thought would lead us to rue it. Off top, I think it a good idea. The question is, what restrictions would we have for the homeless zone? Increased penalties for everything from public urination, to breaking and entering?

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