Thursday, February 16, 2017

It is Clear One Set of People is Rejecting Another

   It should seem strange, this premise behind the immigration problem: One set of people does not want to accept another. One set does not want the other to have access to its economic and governmental system.
   And, isn't that what this really boils down to?
   Or, we could state the immigration problem this way: One set of people fears the other will do them harm.
   However you state it, it is clear that one set is rejecting the other.
   State it this way: One set owns the land and does not feel it has to share with another. Or, this way: One set wants to let part of another set in, but not all of them.
   Or, try this appraising statement: One set does not want another set to come unless the second set brings proper paperwork, which, in some cases, can be impossible to get in a timely fashion.
  This one has some sting: The immigration problem boils down to one set of people feeling it has the right to tell another set where it can live.
   However you define the problem, yes, it is clear that one set is rejecting the other.

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