Monday, February 13, 2017

Money Lacking, Shouldn't We Maximize our Volunteer Efforts?

   This panel discussion wound its way for an hour and a half, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski, Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes, Utah House Rep. Angela Romero, and discussion organizer and moderator Steve Urquhart weighing in on our homeless situation and how we are going about correcting it.
  The whole of the discussion seemed nothing more than how we should march out money to solve the problem. We should provide treatment for these people, rather than just warehousing them. But, it was clear through the whole discussion that finding the money is a problem
   Afterwards, I approached McAdams, Urquhart and Hughes with a thought. We are reducing the role of the volunteer efforts even as we as scratching our heads about how to come up with money. Shouldn't we, instead, be maximizing our volunteer efforts?

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