Monday, February 20, 2017

Suggesting They are as if Under the Same Roof is Fake News

  The suggestion that people living here illegally is like them moving into our homes uninvited? I see it as a false analogy. In the terminology of the moment, fake news.
   The undocumented workers are not moving into people's homes uninvited. That just isn't happening, in any way, shape, or form. To suggest they are is fake news.
   But, is the analogy worthy? If it is, we all live in the same house. All the home-grown villains, all the tawdry people, and all those we don't like are living in the same house with us. Somehow, that analogy doesn't stand up. It would mess my life up tremendously if the villains and tawdry people and those I don't appreciate were living under my roof. But, the actuality of it is that I go through my life quite okay with them living across town and in other places. Living under my roof and living across town do not compare. They are apples and oranges.
   Living under one's own roof with those we choose to live with is not to be compared to living across town from someone we don't want to live with. They are opposites, if anything. Someone might suggest that when the immigrants overwhelm a town, and you go to the gas station, and they are there, and you go to the store and they are there, and wherever you go, they are there -- then it is like living in the same house with them.
   Except it isn't. You can still go home to get away from them. Your home is still the one place they are not.
  Those who use this argument of immigrants invading our homes present a false analogy. It's simply fake news.

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