Sunday, February 5, 2017

How do We Disagree without being Angry at Each Other?

   How can we keep our disagreement from bringing us to hate each other?
   It is the debate issue of the moment in Utah, and a marvelously large one. One side of the question drew thousands of protesters to the streets of Salt Lake City the other day, thousands who walked shoulder-to-shoulder for refugees.
  "No hate, no fear. Refugees are welcome here," they shouted.
   This is, I say, the side I favor.
  On the other side are the thousands who stand with President Trump in his call for a 90-day freeze on bringing refugees in from seven Muslim countries.
   Public debate can be good. It is good for a people to be concerned about public policy, and to exercise their opinions through free speech.
   But, it is not good when it boils to hate. When name-calling and demeaning the other person ensues, that is not so good. And, unfortunately, Utah is being divided by this issue.
   I would we were a people who could discuss issues openly, freely, and without rancor. Indeed, I see in this current issue much of that. I think of a Facebook friend a week ago who posted on how he does not see it wrong to be cautious in our immigration policies and the entire thread of 80-90 posts was civil.

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