Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We Find Money for Those Who Would Make a Living off Them

   We seem to be trying to buy our way out of homelessness and not spending the money on the them while we are doing it.
   Not spending it on them directly, anyway.
   Our new approach to homelessness is to bring in social workers, and let them work with the street people -- maybe change them, give them job skills, help them with their addictions, etc. Those are laudable things, certainly, but they don't come without a lot of money being spent.
   The poor? Instead of finding money for them, we find money for those who would make an industry off of them.
   If these social programs do work, I might embrace them, but at the moment, I have misgivings. I suppose, in my old age, I see a lobbyist behind every tree. With the homeless, I wonder but what the social workers came calling, suggesting their own worth, and we bought in.
    I suppose we will have to see how they do, whether they solve our homelessness while all else has failed. Perhaps my criticism is not well founded.

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