Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ring of Fire was a Wonder in the Heavens

   Wherein are the signs spoken of in Acts 2:19? Did one of them appear today, in an eclipse of the sun, as the moon swung directly in front of the sun. With the image of the sun being slightly larger than that of the moon, this created a ring-of-fire visual, the circling edge of the sun all that was showing, with the moon blocking the rest of the sun.
   Are we to wonder if this was one of the wonders in the heavens that the Bible tells us will accompany the last days? It surely was a wonder. I saw a picture of the ring, and it did look wonderful. I thought on the likeliness that this should happen, on how the sun and the moon lined up perfectly, both horizontally and vertically, the moon -- for a moment -- perfectly in the middle.
   Yes, it was a wonder in the heavens.
   I do not know whether such a perfect ring-of-fire eclipse has stared down from the sky before. Maybe it has happened many times through the centuries. If it has, those who see only folly in the Bible, are free to dismiss this wonder in the skies.
   For me? I know not for sure it was fulfillment of biblical prophesy. But, it was certainly a wonder in the heavens.

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