Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cut to the Chase and Ask Sessions to Say what was Discussed

 I go to bed tonight confused by the Jeff Sessions affair. Can we just ask him what it was that was discussed? Spare me the argument that national security won't allow that. Cut to the chase and tell us what was discussed. Just be open and forthcoming.
   Sessions evidently was an adviser to the campaign. So, if the supposition is that the Russians tried to influence the campaign for Trump, you should be looking into any contacts they had with the Trump team. That doesn't mean the contacts were wrong, it just means you surely should look into them. They surely should be part of any investigation.
   I go to bed, though, confused. Did Sessions suggest during his confirmation hearings that he had not met with the Russians? What exactly did he say during those hearings? I confess, I have not time to read up on this.

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