Friday, March 10, 2017

Seeking to take away Free Speech should be Outlawed

   "Speech is not violence; Violence is not speech," Sen. Mike Lee said, speaking to his fellow senators this week. Lee argued against the shutting down of free speech, against those who would shout down fellow Americans, and assault them, that they might silence them.
    Lee's words might should gain history's respect. "Violence is not speech" is a a maxim we could add to our list of famous thoughts. More importantly, though, is the suggestion that one person should not be allowed to silence another. It causes me to reflect. If this is not to be allowed, do we have laws in place against it? Should we enact a more forceful law? If we believe in free speech, does it not follow that we do not allow it to be impeded? Or, do we suppose that those who would shut it down are merely exercising their own free speech?
   Violence is not speech.
   Nor should we allow the muzzling of free speech to be counted as free speech, itself. Taking one person's right away should not stand as a right, in itself.
   So, I propose, we should have a new law. Seeking to take away the free speech of another should be outlawed. I do not refer to someone simply saying, "Shut up." Rather, any endeavor bearing enough force to, or intending to bear enough force to actually shut down a speaker, should be illegal and punishable by law.

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