Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lowering Costs and Providing Care should be the Objectives

   Perhaps the two most important objectives in a national health care plan should be: (1) lowering the cost, and (2) making it available to all.
   So far, I am not seeing enough evidence the American Health Care Act is going to lower the cost. Well it may be that it might, but so far we don't know. And, it seems clear the proposed act is going to take health care coverage away from some. I have, in the past, been amazed at how we have allowed people to go to their graves for lack of health care benefits. Some will argue that no one goes to their deaths, that the hospitals care for them even if not paid for doing so.
   I beg to differ. For one thing, some don't even go to the doctor if they fear they can't afford it. Secondly, some are encouraged to get on hospice or Do Not Resuscitate so the hospital does not have to offer free services. To suppose that medical organizations will always be charitable and not seek to escape costs does seem, well, naive, to me.
  On the basis of these two factors -- lowering costs and providing benefits to all -- I wonder but what the new health care plan might be worse than the one it would replace.

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