Saturday, March 11, 2017

This is What I Hear, When I Hear People Complain about Immigrants

   Here is what I hear people saying, when I hear them complaining about undocumented immigrants. Are my ears hearing correctly? Is this really what they are saying, or am I being too critical?
  "You've got to leave because you weren't born here. You're a criminal. We cannot have an iota of sympathy or remorse for you. Are we worked into a frenzy against you? Yes, and with good cause! You are breaking our laws and making a sham of our legal system. Off with you! Out! The gall of you, to think you can breathe on American soil, to think you have the right to just exist here -- doing nothing wrong other than just existing on American soil. How vile of you!
   "This sense of entitlement has got to stop! If we are to have laws, we must enforce them. What good is a law if we don't enforce it? If we are to let you go just because you don't have paperwork, it is the same as letting someone off even though they have committed murder. This law keeping you out is a good law, and an honorable one, and we are going to enforce it.
  "Besides all that, you're an invader. And, you are disturbing our quality of life. You're taking jobs from us. You're using our hospitals, and our schools. Can't you see that this is wrong? You're not even an American!
   "Go back to where you came from. You don't belong here, you criminal, and we are not going to let you get away with such a grave injustice as staying here and breathing on American soil. We respect our system of laws too much to let you stay here when we don't even want you. The magnitude of harm you are doing -- well, it's incomprehensible.
   "You think you can just walk across a border without damaging someone else's life? How presumptuous. How inconsiderate. How wrong. How criminal. How dare you!"

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