Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ours Might be a Great Moral Imperative to Speak out on Abortion

   We can discuss political matters because we enjoy them. We can do so as a matter of civic responsibility, wanting to be involved. We can have ideas we think will benefit others. But, of of all the reasons for discussing issues, how many of them do we discuss because we feel an obligation to do so in order to protect someone's life?
   Actually, not just one person's life, but millions of people's lives.
   Our obligation to speak out on abortion perhaps exceeds the moral imperative we have to speak out on most any other matter.
   As I think to stop my post with what I have just said, I find myself reconsidering. What I have just said stands on the basis of what I know about abortion, and about life, itself. But, what if there are things I understand incorrectly? What if the opportunity to live is not lost when you are aborted? What if you are allowed to take another body? I do not know all. Maybe some of the things I assume are wrong. If a spirit leaves an aborted body and then comes to earth in another body, that completely changes the severity of depriving it of life.  

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  1. God compensates for unfairness from others choices, including those aborted, but doing what we can to help less bad choices is still the right thing to do. I admire you for continuing to be speak for sanctity of life