Wednesday, March 29, 2017

When Saw I Thee Hungry or Homeless? 2017 in the Salt Lake Valley

   I thought it neat of Draper Mayor Troy Walker to offer two sites in his city to house the homeless. Alas, he was forced to rescind the offer as community members responded with outrage.
   I think of the scripture that says (words to the effect), When saw I thee naked or thirsty or homeless an took the not in? The answer for communities in the Salt Lake Valley remains, 2017. And, this in the community that is headquarters of what many of us view as Christ's church. While we might not feel comfortable taking them under our very roofs, couldn't we at least take them into our community?
   When saw I thee homeless and took the not in? Can we deny that the answer is, 2017 in the Salt Lake Valley? Is the question not fair and is the answer not clear?

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