Friday, March 17, 2017

Would We of such a Religious City Not Heed Matthew 25?

    And, a call is out to find a new home for the homeless in the Salt Lake Valley. Which community will take them in? Now, I do wonder, that in such a Christian, God-fearing society as exists here, not a single community, so far, has stepped forth to accept them.
   What of the scripture that asks (if this is not word perfect, the very essence of it is), When saw I thee homeless, and took thee not in?
   If we had charity, we would take them in. We might not feel comfortable taking them into our very homes, but at least into our communities. Alas, even though this is the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ, still it is that in community after community, there are protests and, instead of taking them in, we are turning them away.
   One wonders if at the day of judgement, Christ will say, Was I not hungry and thirsty and a stranger and ye took me not in? Inasmuch as ye have not done it unto the least of these people living on the streets of my city, ye have not done it unto me.

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