Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Person Who Learns to Love Increases His Intelligence

   He who becomes angry, often becomes blind. You have heard the expression, "He was so angry, he couldn't see straight." Well, that is what I mean. Anger clouds your judgement.
   And, I speak not only of the ranting-and-raving type of anger. I speak not only of being boisterously mad. There is a quiet anger. When we become incensed toward others, we might still display a quiet demeanor, but our resolve against the other person becomes fixed.
  And, a face set in one direction does not look side-to-side. Even so, we become as though with blinders, not seeing things that can matter.
   There is a lesson in this, if you would be a person bearing wisdom, you should learn not to hate (for hatred is anger). If you keep yourself from hating others, and from being jealous of them, your mind will work clearer. If you become such a person, who doesn't hate, you will not only not hate your neighbors and those about you, but you will be less hateful of those in the news, and those of anyone who might present information to you. If you are more open to the thoughts and opinions of others, you are, naturally enough, more open-minded.
  Thus, we see, the open-minded person is the more intelligent person. And, we can see how the person who learns to love will be more intelligent than the person who goes around bearing grudges.

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