Monday, March 27, 2017

Why don't We have a Law Making this Illegal?

   We should have a law against the type of solicitation I received the other day. You've heard about this scam. The caller says he is from the IRS and wants money. News spots warn us against these solicitations.
   Here's the message I received:
   "Call is to inform you that IRS is filling lawsuit on your name because you had tried to do a fraud with the IRS Internal Revenue Service. And we are taking legal action and we got issuing an arrest warrant on your name to get more information regarding this case file. Just call us back on our department number 844-668-3972. Thank you."
   I called the police, even though I knew they wouldn't do anything.
   Then, I forwarded the message to the IRS, as that is what the police told me to do.
   Then I wrote to my congress member, Mia Love. "Good day, Mia," I wrote. "Want to sponsor a great new law? The solicitation below, in and of itself, should be illegal. If we do not have a law making such fraudulent solicitations illegal, we ought to.  Hope to hear back from you."
  Actually, it would seem we probably do have at least one law that applies. Those soliciting me said they are issuing a warrant. Isn't that impersonating a police officer?

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