Thursday, March 16, 2017

These are Deaths of Our Choosing

These are deaths of our choosing. We are given the discretion of letting them live, or letting them die -- and we choose death.
I speak of the unborn. I speak of abortions.
A million times each year, we choose death. We choose it not for ourselves, but for others. Sometimes we justify our decision by saying we are doing what is best for them, that it would be wrong to bring them into a cruel world where parents do not want them, or where they would not be given good care.
I ask, in reply, what of those already born? What do we do with them when they are in the same situation? What do we do with those who are bullied, or who live on skid row? Do, we say, You would be better off dead? Either commit suicide or let us kill you -- for your own sake.
Would we make that choice on their behalf?
We make other decisions on behalf of the unborn, as well. It is we who decide whether they shall be considered persons. It is we who decide whether they shall be considered living creatures before they are born. It is we who decide if other considerations are more important than their being born. It is we who decide if all this is right or wrong.
It is we who make the choices, and it is they who either live or die with the consequences.

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