Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump is not Perfect, but He could Achieve Greatness, the Same

  Greatness in a president can come from a man with flaws. The past few days, I have opened hope that President Trump might achieve it. A lot of talk the past day or two has been on how he might reform immigration. For decades, now, our nation has been divided on what to do with "illegal" immigrants. We have, what?, 11 million of them? If a president were to find a way to do away with illegal immigration, he would solve one of our nation's sorest points. He would free 11 million people. He would end illegal immigration in the United States.
   Abraham Lincoln ended slavery. Donald Trump could end illegal immigration. And, if he does, he will achieve a measure of greatness, just as Lincoln was certainly great for ending slavery.
   But, it is not on the immigration issue, alone, that I find myself thinking he might do well. If he will listen to wisdom and weigh policies, there is no reason he cannot be a wise president. As I look down the list of what he is doing, I don't know how much agreement I have with what is occurring. I do not favor his trade policies. I like his some of his stance on private schools, but do not believe competition in the schooling, alone, will restore us to leading the world in education. I am still seeing national debt arising from his policies. But, I wonder but what he will find ways to reduce health care costs, and pharmacy costs. I tip my hat to his reducing the cost of the F-35. I wonder if, yet, he will find a way to rein in the national debt.
   Trump is not a perfect man. At least to say, his past has imperfections. But, if we measure a man only by his past, we will overlook both his present and his future.

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