Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Adventures in the World of Dreams and Seems

   From the World of Dreams and Seems (as in, seems we could do this, if we really wanted to):
   What if Utah was so ambitious about technological advancements that if something was done someplace else in the nation, Utah figured it could do it, too.
   If Detroit made an automobile, Utah would turn around and make its own. If someone in Illinois discovered a new particle, then Utah would say, Well, if it takes an energy collider to make such discoveries, then let's get one, so we will be in position to make such advancements.
   If a company sprouted up in California making a great electric car (that would be Tesla, wouldn't it), Utah would respond with a company of its own.
   This kind of competition exists internationally, with China and other countries seeking to out-do the U.S. economically. And, if you will notice, the country that aspires to match other countries does achieve. Think of the space race, and of how it resulted in each country making achievements.
   So, why not Utah, as a state, take up such an attitude?
   And, not just in economics. What if Utah sought to be at the forefront of everything from heart science to immigration? Actually, I'm not sure if there isn't some of that spirit present, already, but it certainly could be compounded.
   And, it doesn't seem such a bad thing to seek to be the leader.
   Too ambitious? I don't know if anything negative would come of our efforts. In the World of Dreams and Seems, it seems it would spark our economy, adding jobs and GSP (gross state product).

(Note: This is a rewrite of a blog from six years ago today.)

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