Monday, April 24, 2017

There is Power to Lift Our Nation's Character in Overcoming Racism

    Racism? If a nation is infected with it, how much damage does it do to those who are infected? How much does it hurt us, the people who are infected?
   For, it surely is a disease; It spreads from one person to another.
   I cannot but think of the good that would be done to us, as a people, and to us, as a nation, if we were to overcome racism. In it lies the seeds of hatred. If you learn to hate black people, you will be more inclined to hate, in general.  In conquering racism, we gravitate more towards being a people who love all and who treats everyone justly. If we, as a society, love black people if we are white people and white people if we are black people, that will translate into individuals being more inclusive and loving in their relations with family, acquaintances and strangers.
   I think of the murders and the mass murders committed by those who hate other races. If we, as a nation, got racism out of our bones, some of this would wear off on those who are inclined to such murders and mass murders.
   I did refer to racism as a disease, did I not? The more it spreads, the more it is likely to infect those who could become inclined to murder.
   So, there is power to lift our nation in overcoming racism.
   You can build the character of your nation by overcoming racism. If we would be a great nation, one of great character, we should aspire to overcoming the racism within us.

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