Saturday, April 29, 2017

When You See Racism, Speak up, but Speak Softly

   If we would solve racism, we must have the right dialogue. Those who feel they are discriminated against should be encouraged to speak out. Softly.
  When there is a chance their accusations are false, then even softer.
   Having dialogue can mean lashing out, wildly. Having the right dialogue means being gentle. It means being willing to discuss something in order to find out if you are wrong.
   I have said that those who make accusations should be called out, but those making false accusations should be treated more gently than those making the accusations knowing that they are false accusations. So, you would ask, how do you know if the accusation is sincere, or insincere.
   You don't, often.
   Still, speaking out is critical. Those who are racists will continue in their ways unless someone tries to persuade them to be otherwise. Those who are not corrected continue on their way. Seldom does a person change unless someone or something causes them to change. So, speak up when you see racism. Point it out. Help those who are being racist to understand what they are doing.
   But, be gentle, sometimes even with those who know they are being racist, or those who knowingly make false accusations. Sometimes, they are blind to their wrong-doing and need but for someone to point it out. If you point it out harshly, though, they will recoil and lash back. But, if you are gentle, you are more likely to reach them.

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