Saturday, April 15, 2017

War is not freedom

  Roughly a decade and a half after entering Iraq, we still have not rendered it a free nation. A dozen years after the country held its first free elections, the country still is not free.
  For war is not freedom.
   If you "free" a country, but it remains embroiled in war, it is not free. Freedom is not fear -- It is not fearing for your life. Freedom is not death. It is not being forced to run and hide. It is not having your home blown apart, or family members being shot and killed.
   Of all things that keep a nation from being free, none stands larger than war. No nation is so far removed from freedom as that nation embroiled in war.
   War can bring freedom, but the period of time leading to that freedom -- the period known as war -- is the most oppressive of all. It is a little like curing a person of cancer: It is wonderful when a person is cured and healthy, but the chemo treatment leading to the cure is very oppressive. Good health lies not in the moment of treatment, but after the treatment is over. 

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