Friday, April 7, 2017

These Days, if You are Going to go to War, You Better have a Lawyer

   These days, you need a lawyer to go to war.  You need to know if its legal to go to war, and you need to know how to conduct the war legally once you're in it. You don't just wander into war without the advice of a competent legal team. Until our current day, war was the one thing that didn't have rules. Those days are gone. It used to be that part of the definition of war was that you could do anything you wanted, kill anyone you wanted, and kill them however you wanted -- because that's what war was all about.
  Nowadays, we have rules. You can't just fight anyway you want. You can't just go about killing another country's people unless you do it by the book. In coming up with war strategy, you need both generals and lawyers.
    No chemical weapons. If you are going to kill another country's people, be nice about it.
   And, you better remember that the War Powers Resolution only gives you permission to skip over Congressional approval in case of an attack on America, its territories, its possessions, or its armed forces.
   And that international law says you can only fight on another country's soil if that country gives you permission, the UN gives you permission, or you are acting in self defense.
   These days, instead of asking for Congress's approval, you better ask for your lawyer's. He can tell you whether you have the proper permissions and qualify to go to war, and whether you are fighting in an authorized manner.

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