Thursday, April 6, 2017

Is there Anything to be done to Discourage These False Accusations?

   If someone were to accuse me of being a racist, would it make him a racist? Perhaps just as important, am I in any way and even slightly racist? That is an introspective question I consider.
   But, again, realizing how apart I am from being racist, would it make them a racist if they were to suggest I'm one?
   Off top, maybe, maybe not. Some of them might be just jumping to the wrong conclusions, using what they feel are reasons when those reasons don't exist. Let's say I said to one, "Listen, son, you need to do this," and they took my use of the term "son" and the fact I was giving an order to indicate that I was trying to put them in their place, racially.
   They'd be wrong, but I don't know that that would necessarily mean they were the ones who were racist.
   But, what if they knew I wasn't racist, but just threw out the accusation to cause trouble? I don't know that that qualifies as racism either. But, it is a form of conduct that is just as bad as racism.
   And, it is a form of conduct we need to call out. In our society, as we veer back toward a more divided nature, one race against another, we do not want people to be fueling the fire without cause.
   As, I often do with social issues, I wonder what could be done to remedy these two problems. One, I wonder if there is something we could do to discourage people from jumping to the wrong conclusion that the other person is a racist. And, two, I wonder if there is something we could do to dissuade people from knowingly making the false accusation, just to stir up trouble.
   Off top, I see no answers. I will go to bed thinking on it, but doubt I will come up with answers.

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