Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How do You Find Them in the Holes of the Rocks?

   Syria is the one part of the world he would blow up and start all over on. I have a friend who feels that that is the best way to deal with Syria.
   I'm not in favor of such a suggestion. I don't at all want to see the country wiped off the map, so to speak. But, I do take note of one of the reasons he gave for wanting to blow Syria off the map, and I note how it affects my thoughts on making Syria a protectorate of ours.
   My friend said Syria, like many other countries, has so many tunnels and underground hiding spots, the bad guys can live underground. So, if I am suggesting we first rid Syria of its bad elements, then before sealing it off against them, we face a large task. If we would clear all the bad people out, how do we do so when they are holed up underground?
   Starve them out? That might be one thought. But, I don't know exactly how we would go about starving them out and identifying them when they came to the surface.

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