Monday, April 17, 2017

Those Who Falsely Accuse Others of Racism Should be Corrected

   A week and a half ago, I wondered what could be done to, (1.) discourage people from honestly coming to the false opinion that others are racist, and, (2.) discourage people from calling others racist even though they know they aren't, and doing it just to stir up trouble.
   I suggested I was going to bed thinking about solutions, but doubting I would find one. Well, perhaps there are some things that could be done. If someone is falsely accused, that person should be stoutly defended. That might seem too simple an answer. But, it matters. If nothing is said to defend truth, falsehood wins. When I say, stoutly defended, though, I do not mean with anger. We should be understanding of others, even when they make false accusations. We should set them straight, but we should be gentle and meek in setting them straight. And, while this gentleness and meekness should be used on those making honest mistakes, perhaps a little more firmness is in order for those who know they are making false accusations.
   If a person attacks another as a racist, and gets away with the accusation, they will likely do it again. It is only in being rebuked that they learn not to make false accusations.
   I will go to bed thinking yet more on this.

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