Thursday, June 1, 2017

Don't Criminalize Work, nor Those Who Come to Work

  Work should not be illegal. The work ethic should not be criminalized, but encouraged. Let the working class come to America. If we really feel we must send someone packing back to the country they came from, let's not let it be these. Let's try to hold on to these, the ones who just want to work. Who would think America would criminalize such a thing? Often they are the poor, seeking no more than an honest-day's work. Instead of cutting these people off, wouldn't we be better served to screen out someone else? Maybe go after the dishonest, or those who come in with criminal records, or those who commit crimes when they get here, or those who come just seeking to get on our welfare programs?

   But, those who come in search of a better life, wanting no more than to work? Are these the people we would criminalize?


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