Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Why Muzzle James Comey from being Open about His Own Affairs?

   So, we learn James Comey leaked contents of a memo he had written about a meeting with President Trump. I don't see the crime, nor the fault. He was in the meeting. He was a participant. If he wants to say what happened, let him. Why muzzle a man who would but be open with the public about his own affairs?
   What if President Trump recorded the conversation? Isn't the rule that just one of the participating parties must be aware of the recording to make it legal? That makes Trump's recording legal. But, perhaps by the same token, it makes what Comey did in revealing what took place as ethical as what Trump did by recording the conversation. Trump should not cry foul against Comey if he is playing much the same game.
 I am not a fan of governing behind closed doors. We should open up many of the closed meetings we do have. Does that go so far as to prevent the president and his FBI director from meeting  in private? Perhaps not. Still, if one of the participants wants to disclose what they discussed, as long as it doesn't endanger national security, let him.

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