Monday, June 26, 2017

Would that the Simple Man had a Place at the Table of Discussion

   As the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services came to town, I couldn't help but think how the visit could have gone, if only America was the America we'd like it to be.
   Why invite primarily just business leaders in to participate? Was that posturing for future campaign donations? Why not invite the general public? I would guess the answer, at least in part, is that they wanted to lock out protesters and naysayers.
   Let me tell you about the America I think would be wonderful. What if before Secretary Tom Price showed up to discuss the Better Care Reconciliation Act, his visit were well advertised? What if the public were invited? What if Price didn't have to fear protesters. Oh, do let those opposed to the plan come, and let them speak against the plan. But, in an America as the America we'd like it to be, let everyone be civil, exchanging ideas, not venom.
   What an opportunity this would have been: to hear the nation's top official on health care explain the plan, and take questions and advice. What if simple Americans sat at the table of government, their advice being as valued as that of the business leaders? What if we actually could sit down and discuss these things civilly with our leaders?
   I guess that's the America I wish we had.

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