Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Our Best and Brightest Should be at Our Beck and Call

  That it was a private company that solved the Wannacry cyber attack gives me pause. Nothing wrong with that, except I wonder where the FBI and NSA were.
   I wonder how much of a team our government has in place to fight cyber crime. I wonder if they use a lot of contractors, or do the work directly. Using contractors might be okay. It might, though, leave you a step behind when a cyber crime breaks. If you have to go and sign a contractor up, you are not in position to immediately respond to the cyber crime.
   I don't know but what the National Security Agency and FBI don't have a large team on board, in house. But, I wonder. If the Wannacry attack was responded to by a private company, shouldn't a government agency been in position to do the same thing?
   We should have enough agents in place to fight cyber crime. How many do we have? Do we have a budget, or are the purse strings open to however much the FBI and NSA choose to spend?
   We should have our best and brightest working on cyber crime. Since the best are probably, indeed, in the employ of private companies, perhaps having them as contractors is the way to go. But, the contracts must be in place so that they can step in at a moment's notice.

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