Thursday, June 8, 2017

How it is not Obstruction of Justice, I do not Understand

   Obviously, many agree with the other side of the argument, and perhaps I can understand some of their reasoning. But, I confess, to me it seems an open-and-closed case of obstruction of justice. How is this not obstruction of justice: Your boss calls you in and discusses whether you are investigating him. He extracts from you an assertion that you are not. He asks if you want to stay on as head of the FBI. Now, since your term as director is for 10 years and it is years from over, that is not a natural question to be asking. Then, just after asking that, your boss asks you to pledge loyalty to him. How such an appeal is not to be considered a veiled threat of, "If you investigate me, I'll fire you," I do not understand. How that is not to be considered obstruction of justice, I do not understand.

Indexes: James Comey, Donald Trump, Russian investigation

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