Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Let Alex Jones Face Critical Scrutiny

  Megyn Kelly is under fire for her interview with Alex Jones, which is scheduled to air on "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly." Advertisers are pulling out. NBC is being pressured to drop the piece. Even Alex Jones doesn't want it to air.
  Jones is a conspiracy theorist. One of his theories is that Sandy Hook was staged. If I understand it correctly, parents mourning the deaths of their children were accused of being actors. Those wanting the piece pulled are outraged that Kelly is giving Jones a public forum.
   I say the piece should run.
   Not covering Jones is not going to make him go away. He has his "Infowars" show. His views are going to be out there whether Kelly and NBC run the interview or not. You can go to his site and sites friendly to him and get his views without much opposing view.
   Kelly is not such a believer. She calls his theory "revolting." She pushes back.
   If the theories of Jones are solid, let them be exposed to scrutiny from one of America's best journalists. These theories have a wide audience. And, if that audience is given no reason to disbelieve, it will only continue to grow. You don't debunk anything by refusing to discuss it. Looking the other way doesn't make something go away.
  So, as I said, if Jones's theories are valid, let them stand up to scrutiny. Truth doesn't run from reason. So, let Kelly reason with him.

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