Tuesday, June 6, 2017

You throw Everyone a Gun, and These will get them as Well

   Some suggest more people should carry guns and there would be less crime.
   Fewer mass murders.
   I disagree. If you throw everybody a gun, some of the guns will fall into hands that you don't want having them. Passing everybody a gun means not just the protectors and the good citizens and good guys get them.
   So do those who might be inclined to wrongly use them. They fall into their hands, as well. No, I'm not talking the hardened criminals who are going to have guns, regardless. I'm talking about those who are decent enough, but who might have a fit of anger, who would get through that fit well enough without a gun . . .
   But, who grab it and use it if it is there.
   When you throw everybody a gun, they get them, as well. And, therein lies the problem with encouraging everyone to own or pack a weapon.

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